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3 responses to “CES: Toshiba Engineers Commit to Android 4.0 ICS Update for 7, 10-inch Thrive”

  1. Daniel

    Other than it’s size, it’s a great tablet. Who wouldn’t want to be able to replace their own battery instead of sending their device in to the factory?
    ICS would make this tablet even better.

  2. rickyk

    I have been looking for a tablet and smart phone for about 6 months now. I am not one who is interested in having to tweak and “root” a device to get it to do what I want, or to accept the latest OS; I just want an intuitive interface and a seamless, transparent, process for OS upgrades. What I have been reading about all the fragmentation of Android OS versions, and the constant uncertainty about which Android OS devices would make the leap to ICS, and which would be left behind as unsupported, has made me extremely reluctant to commit to an Android device (phone or tablet). I really like the Toshiba Thrive, but won’t buy one unless it will be supported with an ICS upgrade; same with the Samsung phones that I’ve been looking at. What all the unceratinty with Android OS does is make me look more favorably on iOS devices (iPhone/iPad). When Appple supports their iPhone 3GS (a device that is 2 generations old) with the latest OS and does the same with their tablets, and that OS upgrade is as simple as hooking up to my PC and downloading, well that is much more attractive to the casual user like me. I’m still waiting for ICS to become the standard Android OS, but if it doesn’t happen soon, and Android devices continue to fall by the wayside as new OS versions are released, I will more than likely go with Apple iOS devices.

  3. ddl112

    Hey rickyk…. you look like an anxious guy … anxious people need solid structure… easy path… I’m thinking a close environment …. I think you better go with iOs

    But I let u know this: having a thrive feels more like having a “tablet-laptop” then having a “tablet-giga-ipod”