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2 responses to “Chevron WP7 Homebrew Program Ends, Microsoft Offering Consolation”

  1. Microsoft development is opening up - at least in some ways | TechRepublic

    […] At the same time Microsoft is promoting all this openness for developers, some feel they have also closed up in some ways, particularly with Windows Phone. By emulating Apple in regard to lack of choice and limited configurability (in comparison to Android), Microsoft has attracted a good deal of criticism. Microsoft deflected some of that criticism when they announced they were working with the developers of ChevronWP7, software that could be used to unlock Windows Phone devices so you could install unsigned apps. However, that program has now been terminated and those who paid for the unlock are going to find their phone…. […]

  2. Steve Goldfein

    Great Article. There is a double are in the last sentence.