Clear Now Available in Metro Atlanta, Launching Las Vegas Soon

Clearwire’s Clear service has now expanded from Portland Oregon to Metro Atlanta and surrounding suburbs making it the second market to be launched since Clearwire and Sprint completed the asset and company integration merger last year which was rebranded as Clear.

The service is available in Woodstock, Marietta, Atlanta, North Atlanta, Lawrenceville, Forest Park, and Stockbridge with Cumming, GA being the only city not yet covered.

Clear has also announced that the city of Las Vegas and its surrounding suburbs will be the next city to officially launch Clear service.

Equipment selection remains identical to the Portland market with the Motorola WiMax Home Modem/Router and the USB w100 modem along with select laptop models with built-in WiMax modems.

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2 responses to “Clear Now Available in Metro Atlanta, Launching Las Vegas Soon”

  1. Chris

    What happened to Chicago?

  2. Patrick

    My guess (no basis just thinking out loud) Chicago has not gone commercial might be due to the recent loss/pending litigation with the affiliate iPCS suing Sprint and Spring owning 50% would be “competing” against the affiliate. This is my guess for why they have not gone commercial.