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4 responses to “Clearwire Blocking Rooted Clear iSpots?”

  1. Mac

    I’m not a Clear customer, but I can see their point. It was advertised as “for Apple products only”, and those who got $25 Internet for a few months, more power to you.

  2. cdj

    I have my device rooted. I was able to use it yesterday. If they block my device, I will simply cancel the $25 plan. The coverage is very sporadic and the speed is not much faster than 3G service. For me, the service is absolutely not worth more than the $25 I am paying now.

  3. Christopher Price

    Mac, the question is one of Net Neutrality. Should Clear be able to restrict device access based on type of device.

    How is pulling a webpage up on Safari on a Mac different from Safari on iOS? And further, what is stopping you from running a proxy app on an iOS device (say, a $75 old first-gen iPod touch), and backhauling it via the USB port on the iPod touch to the Mac/PC? Technically that would comply with even Clear’s TOS that only iOS devices connect to the iSpot.

    By no means do I intend to settle the Net Neutrality debate in this post. However, it is important to show the opposing view to what Clear did with iSpot, and why hackers are confident in their stance that it is ethical to root the device. More power to them, as you put it.

  4. Ivan Y

    Frankly, the only reason I jailbroke my iSpot was because of Clear’s inability to do MAC filtering properly. I used iSpot with iPod Touch 3rd gen initially, but then upgraded to 4th gen Touch. Lo and behold, its MAC wasn’t recognized and Clear kept breaking their promises on when they were going to release an update.

    For their sake, I really hope they resolved MAC issues in new firmware!