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5 responses to “Clearwire Cuts Prices in pre-WiMAX Markets Still Stuck in Limbo”

  1. Steven Goldfein

    I knew this was coming or going to happen. I wonder if this will lead to a class action lawsuit against Sprint that has sold Wimax devices to people who live in areas without Wimax with the promise that it would be rolled out to them in the near term.

  2. Ray

    This is not a concern. If you purchased a device it will work for the time estimated. By the time LD-LTE is fully rolled-out it will be time to renew contract with will mean new device, just like att does with the iPhone. Not sure what the big deal is. It’s like saying I will not purchased a computer because in 3 year a faster one will come out, wait let me restated in six months a faster computer will come out. Give clearwire some room to grown. Clearwire has partnered with the biggest mobile provider China Mobile, bigger than AT&T. What is the difference between LD-LTE and FDD-LTE. LD-LTE equipment is cheaper to built and its used around the world. I think the USA has the most retro-phone, excluding the iPhone. Asia leads on mobile innovations.

  3. Jim

    Actually it’s TD-LTE, not LD-LTE.

  4. Ted

    “Fast forward to today, Clearwire has apparently halted all plans to expand WiMAX beyond its current coverage footprint.”

    Apparently … except that here in Phoenix – which to my knowledge is the only city among the 10 largest in the U.S. that isn’t covered by Sprint/Clear 4G – Clear continues, albeit at a snail’s pace, adding pockets of 4G coverage. The most recent area here was added to their coverage map just in the past two weeks.

    I have no idea what Clear is doing. Why would they be adding 4G sites if they’ve halted plans to expand WiMAX? Especially in an area like Phoenix where they don’t even sell their service.

  5. Christopher Price

    Clearwire likely has contractual obligations that it has to meet with Sprint, the two companies did settle their relationship with a $1 billion payment to Clearwire. Much of that agreement entails (likely) performance goals and other requirements to expand the footprint.

    That said, Clearwire has not announced plans to expand the WiMAX footprint. The Clearwire online coverage map even marks areas that they plan to expand into… except at present, that list is empty.

    Sprint is also deploying WiMAX gear on their towers as part of their Network Vision rollout. It’s not clear if Sprint will be using their own WiMAX hardware, many (myself included) believe the addition of WiMAX to the Network Vision hardware was added in the potential event that Sprint buys out Clearwire, and then uses WiMAX as a stop-gap solution until they can roll out a superior revision of LTE to what AT&T and Verizon are using today.