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7 responses to “Clearwire Responds to Throttling Complaints”

  1. Jeff

    No problems with Clear here.

  2. Toguro06

    I had nothing but trouble at only 5gigs last week.

  3. Stan

    I only use at the most 2 to 3 gigs a month. So I hope I will not have problems. So far all is good.

  4. zarakitty

    Their ‘hands-off’ approach allows them to individually remove the restriction of the throttle on people’s accounts. Their ‘hands-off’ approach allows them to view individual users who have gotten capped. Their ‘hands-off’ approach allow them to individually set up limits on a per-user/per-mac basis. If this is ‘hands-off’, I’d hate to see what they see as ‘hands-on’.

    Congestion problems apparently means ‘if you use more bandwidth than grandma who surfs the web once a week’. Because on towers that are having no load problems, if you still download over a certain cap (say 1-2G a day, or a total of 10G give or take in a month), you get throttled. The tower appears to be unimportant to the throttle hardware (sandvine I believe).

    A ‘small portion’ of bandwidth that the ‘heaviest users’ give up is about 98% of their bandwidth. At least that’s what most people will believe when you go from 6-10Mbs down to 0.25Mbs. If that’s a small portion, what’s a large portion? Having them come to your house and hold your modem hostage?

    As for ‘dealing with everyone fairly’. Yea, I guess it’s fair that the targetted users get locked in at 0.25Mbs for weeks at a time. I’d hate to see them unfair.

    The above are the facts. I’ve yet to see anything but fiction come from Clear.

  5. Dwight

    Their motto should be “step down from dial-up” With dial-up I got a solid 48 kilobytes per sec.
    Now that I am rate capped I get about 0.300 MB/sec on their favorite test website but wait there is more. As there is some further limit that knocks actual download from a non-test site to 0.03 or that is to 30 kilobytes per sec.
    Even on good days with the highest actual downloads from real site not test site were around 0.5 MB/sec.
    The point is don’t trust the “speedtest.nets” of this world as Clear has a way of making them over state
    the available download speed.

    It would be nice it they’d be honest and state what the actual limits are so I can ration my use.
    Though a 7 gig limit per month or per week is immoral for a so-called “unlimited” offering.

    As soon as I can afford it, I’ll go to fiber optic which think is a option for me even though I
    live on the edge of planet 😉

    Clear told me the earth is flat so it must be true…………………………..Dwight

  6. Piedmont

    Try calling customer service … 25, 45, one hour waiting time. Can’t even get through to cancel the account!

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