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4 responses to “Cloud Storage Shakeups – What You Need to Know”

  1. David

    You didn’t mention SugarSync. Do you see them as an also-ran? For me, their system is both functional and reasonably priced.

  2. Christopher Price

    The problem that SugarSync faces, David, is that there are many competitors fighting for third-place in the Cloud Storage Startup arena. Some like ZumoDrive have already taken exits (Zumo was acquired by Motorola, for example).

    Dropbox and Box clearly have the #1 and #2 spots in terms of market share, leaving Apple/Google/Microsoft out of the picture. Whoever is #3 clearly remains a bit to be seen.

    I suspect after this week’s shakeups, being #3 is more akin to being odd man out. With three monolithic giants, and two well funded, venture-backed startups already occupying the top five spaces… I seriously question the long-term viability of other startups…

    … especially when the federal government has acted so overtly on smaller file sharing startups, such as MegaUpload. It underscores the high risks of intellectual property litigation in that sector, and how vulnerable those smaller startups could be crushed with a stack of (economical) legal filings.

  3. Mustang46L

    All I know is I’m not leaving Google Drive since I have a grandfathered plan giving 80GB for $20/year. I think that a lot of the other companies offer a valueable product but nobody(even Google) doesn’t give you that type of value.

  4. David

    Thanks, Christopher. That is the kind of analysis that has me reading your site regularly.