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9 responses to “Complain to The FCC over iPhone Unlocks Now, Or Pay Later”

  1. E

    Wow….. I’m shocked their aren’t any AT&T and Apple fanboys stating this article is a good thing and they should be allowed to do this.

  2. Pa

    I will caomplain.. Hope many of the existing ATT iphone customers like me complain. Thanks Chris for providing the process.

  3. Mark

    Coming to this article a little late. I will complain. I have fulfilled my side of the contract. That phone is my property. I want the unlock code. I am someone who goes to Europe often and can’t stand using ATT service when outside USA.

  4. OB

    Sent a complaint over to the FCC about unlocking my iPhone 2G legally.

  5. James r crawford

    I signed a two yr contract with at@t and I woes under the understanding that I could go to T-mobile at the end of it. But ive learned that most people have to unlock it on their own. Iv not JAILBROKEN
    my own due to the 2yr apple car plan that iv used a lot. Im on my 3rd 3Gs in two months it’s a pan most of the time getting a hold of them most of the time. My GPS was bad on the 2nd one and they side 20Mi off was norm. I told them my firs one worked as advertised and my wifes worked as advertised 7HRs later on the phone then thay sad send it in. Then they pulled money from my bank twice first one was ok by me but not the 2nd one it locking all my money up for 3 days not a hold but withdraw. I’ve learned Of other iphone owners in Wichita and out of the 12 eve found my wifes and my and 1 at the at@t store that’s not JAILBROKEN the gays at work think its funny that im having all thes problems with my iphon they have JAILBROKEN ones and Love them my Voip app sys it cant dew that when at@t sad it was now allowed.

  6. James r crawford

    Is thar a altunitev to apples OS it looks as if they have a monopole on apps fore the iphone is Microsoft naking a store or OS fore the iphone?

  7. nj_ind_guy

    I have phone calls for at least five to ten times with AT & T and apple. No one is giving any information and providing solution. I have write to FCC and as AT & T received the complain, the person called me to inform that he has received the complain but AT & T can not do anything, I need to talk to apple. Apples answered that it is AT & T and not apple who is responsible for unlocking the phone.
    No idea what to do on this..

  8. chris

    I called AT&T yesterday and they said i needed to call Apple, I called Apple and they said they have never, and will never provide subsidy unlock codes – just for fun, i stopped by AT&T store and tried again, they said no way no how – the problem is with all the he said, she said – the only company that can provide those unlock codes is AT&T – they just won’t – so we need to keep our complaints to the FCC coming

    I have filed my complaint with the FCC

    I am also looking for a class action lawsuit to either join or start if I have to! The problem is that I’d like to sell my iphone as a factory unlocked device, and by the time any class action suit comes to fruition, this phone will be outdated technology – sucks for us – I caved to the Apple hype when I bought my iphone, but I think I’m done with them now – and even more done with AT&T

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