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17 responses to “Confirmed: Amazon App Store Blocked On AT&T Android Phones (Updated)”

  1. Obfuscated Commenter

    Do you also recommend users not purchase any iOS related device? Pretty much the same thing, with no 3rd-party storefront support.

  2. Chris Underwood

    To previous commentor…that is just one of many good reasons not to get an iOS related device.

  3. Bradley Heisler

    After a manual installation of the Amazon AppStore, it IS possible to install apps downloaded from the store, but it involves going through a process similar to the process it took to install the AppStore itself. Using those steps, I have successfully installed Angry Birds Rio (an Amazon AppStore exclusive) on my stock AT&T HTC Inspire 4G.

  4. Christopher Price

    Bradley, by manual installation, are you referring to a rooted/ADB install? Having to hack your phone to get Amazon Appstore to work may sound like a viable solution to hackers, but to the average user, it’s impossible from a practicality standpoint.

  5. Jeff

    Good thing AT&T is trying to buy Tmo. This will really help their case at the FTC.

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  7. Phoneman

    I don’t know why anyone even bothers with AT&T anymore. Crappy service due to their total lack of network upgrades over the years, and even worse policies.

  8. JJ

    I agree with you 100%. Not only is their network riddled with holes but they keep adding more fees and restrictions. First came the stupid 2gb data plan for only $5 less then the unlimited version and then the letter to people who tether and then they are capping dsl customers. They are just really being horrible toward consumers. The least they can do is improve their network. I am so glad I got my mom to switch to sprint. If i am going to pay att prices I will give my money to big red. I will also be switching back to cable. Hopefully everyone wont follow in att’s footsteps on capping data to 150gb. I know some already do but at 250gb which in most cases okay but capping should not even be done for nonmobile highspeed.

  9. Bradley Heisler

    @Christopher Price –
    I agree with you regarding the impracticality for an average user. FWIW, the technique does not require root, and the phone ROM is not modified in any way. I installed the both the AppStore and the downloaded app using a program called Sideload Wonder (which is a 2-click GUI to adb). The steps are not difficult, but they are also not something that a average user would be likely to do, especially on a regular basis.

    @Phoneman/@JJ –
    AT&T is still my network of choice for a few reasons. T-Mobile has a small coverage hole in my area, but unfortunately it covers my house. Sprint has a few large coverage holes in my area and is not GSM. Verizon has great coverage in my area, but I cringe at the thought of having to call them every time I want to switch phones/devices. I also like being able to easily import GSM devices to use as I see fit.

  10. Phoneman

    @ Bradley Heisler
    I also prefer GSM to CDMA if everything else is equal. But if my only GSM choice is AT&T, no thanks. I really hope the feds reject that T-Mobile buyout. The last thing we need is AT&T having a monopoly on GSM.

    When my choice is a locked down phone with a capped data plan and throttled speed, versus CDMA phone that is not crippled in any way, with unlimited (and not throttled) 4G data, for the same price or cheaper, I will obviously take the latter.

    AT&T sucks. And they will continue to suck until consumers give them a much needed reality check.

  11. Oz

    Another reason that I hope that the acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T doesn’t go through. AT&T = Hidden Fees and Restricted phones. T-Mobile lets you do pretty much whatever you want to do, and use the full capabilities of your phones. Personally, I hope the merger gets blocked, but if it goes through, I’m riding out my contract to its term, then I’m gone. Won’t give money to a company like AT&T who refuses to give me a full product in return.

    If AT&T customers have half a brain, they’ll switch to T-Mobile before the merger goes through, just to get a two year contract with T-Mobile, and enjoy some good prices and good features for the duration of that contract. In the end they will wind up going back to AT&T anyways, so enjoy two years of time!

    Oh, and did I mention unlimited data plan?

  12. Happy with T-Mo

    Hopefully the acquisition will be blocked, I have both an iPhone 3GS and an Xperia X10a on my T-Mobile account, both lines with UL everything including data is ~$117 per month. iPhone jailbroken, Xperia rooted on 2.1. Amazon appstore works great. If att does get T-Mobile it’s either Sprint or VZW for me, I’m also strongly considering H20 prepaid, it’s GSM and cheap.

  13. Henry H

    Unfortunately many people like myself are stuck with ATT. After the economic downturn I got laid off and my credit rating dropped to the floor. I have three phones on a family plan and going with anyone else will require a hefty deposit because of my bad credit. Till I get my credit back up I am stuck here where I am already a customer. I have been with the same company since it was bellsouth mobility which is over ten years. I have seen my service go down the toilet since ATT took over and the fees go up constantly. Customer service is good but they are limited by the bad policies ATT has in place.

  14. Nancy L

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I have had AT&T since 1999. Verizon, Sprint, TMobile users that come to my house have the same service as I live in a very wooded area. I live in RI, there are very few locations that I have no service. I do not teather so I don’t know what that would mean to my plan. I have unlimited data and messaging on 2 phones (one is an iPhone and the other Android). I am a realtor so I use my phone all the time and have accumulated over 5000 any time minuets. My total cost per month is 177.00 for both phones. As far as the Amazon app store, what does it matter if you are paying for an app where you buy it from? I have had good experiences with their Customer Service and I don’t usually pay very much for my phones (usually less than 50.00) I am not a techy person but I know I have researched the other carriers and they are no better payment wise. That is all I have to say on the matter.

  15. Phoneman

    @ Nancy L
    The point is, it’s your phone, you bought it. It’s your money, you earned it. If you are going to buy an app for YOUR phone, using YOUR money, who is AT&T to tell you where you can and can’t buy an app?

    And it should also be noted that plenty of them are free, you don’t even have to buy them. And some apps are exclusives, you can’t get them anywhere else.

    Same thing with data. You already paid for your phone and you pay for your data. AT&T puts a limit on how much data you can use, and they charge you overages when you use more than what they say you can use. So who are they to say you need a tethering plan?

    It sounds like you really need to try some other carriers. Once you try someone else, you’ll really understand why AT&T is horrible. It sounds like AT&T is all you really know, so it seems normal to you.

  16. Ken

    I am able to download from Amazon App store this morning to my Samsung Captivate 2.2 (not rooted). COOOOLLLL

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