18 responses to “Confirmed: HTC Touch Diamond For Sprint Available September 14th”

  1. Mustang46L

    I need one. Now. Someone needs to get me into a program where I can review or test these phones.

  2. UPdownLoAD

    Wait, what!?! Sprint Radio on a Windows Mobile device!?!?! That’s gotta be an error!!

  3. DvdBones

    Sprint Radio is part of the Sprint TV application. You cam choose it when you load the app. This version of the Diamond is gonna rock. It’s got the faster processor and higher battery capacity along with a sleek red back cover. It may not have that trademark Diamond battery cover, but that just looked like a smudge magnet anyway.

  4. cj

    i was thinking about getting this to replace my touch but the thicker dimensions are a deal breaker for me. i really wish the thicker battery was optional… still a great phone for those who want a windows mobile device.

  5. Mustang46L

    If I recall, the Touch was about .54″ thick. The Touch Diamond is .55″ thick. That’s the deal breaker?

  6. protocol

    hahaha… good one Mustang. lol

  7. celz

    u must be wearin some tight pants if .01 of an inch is deal breaker

  8. Bottomline

    Looks like a very good device. I wonder how it compares to the instinct ? Especially the browser ?

  9. Don Louie

    Won’t this be the 1st to have picture/videomail

  10. Don Louie

    Won’t this be the 1st Sprint smartphone to have picture/videomail from the start

  11. cj

    ya mustang since i already have a htc touch that has most of the features, there is no reason to upgrade to a phone thats bulkier than the already bulky touch. like i said, its still a good device just not worth full price for me. if i didnt already have the touch id be all over this.

  12. cj

    btw celz, the sprint version of the diamond is alot more than .01 of an inch thicker than the gsm counterpart. i said its still a good phone. no need to get your panties in a bunch.

  13. Don Louie

    .01 inch thicker than the Touch, since your leaving Sprint and SERO you can get the Fuze on att. It should be out a month or so later

  14. cj

    ill look the fuze up on att don louie. its not that .01 inch thicker than the touch is a huge deal but more that if its the same dimensions as the one i already have its not worth hundreds of dollars to upgrade. if you had the touch would you upgrade? like i said if i didnt already have a touch this phone would be a no brainer. im leaning more towards tmobile (unlocked phones are very tempting!) or verizon but am not sure at all yet… i might even just keep my sero on a month to month basis since its cheap and unavailable. its up in the air

  15. Don Louie

    I didn’t like the Instinct experience, if the Diamond has pic/vid mail I might bite

  16. SaltyDawg

    The AT&T Fuze is not the same phone as the Sprint Touch Diamond…
    The Fuze is the AT&T branded HTC Touch Pro, AKA HTC Raphael. It’s similar to the Touch Diamond but it has a slide out keyboard (and a microSD slot).

  17. Jaz

    There is no comparing the instinct and the Diamond. The diamond is going to kill the instinct and the iphone. It is going to be the fastest smartphone on the market. I think the regular HTC Touch is better than the instinct once you run the 6.1 update. My friend that has an iphone is jealous that my phone does everything that the iphone 3g does. iPhone has a better operating system but its just a phone. HTC has a lot going for them and the Diamond is going to help them get to the top even quicker. Don’t forget the Touch Pro too!

  18. Sam

    the touch diamond is 11.33mm thick. (Taiwanese original release spec). That is about .45″ thick… that’s .10″ thicker. put into perspective, the iphone is 11.6mm thick. this thing WAS thinner than the iPhone, now it’s thicker. iPhone would be .46″ thick.

    iPhone: 0.46″
    Diamond: 0.55″

    hey you know what they say, the bigger the better!