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7 responses to “Confirmed: StraightTalk Samsung Galaxy S III Powered By Sprint, Ushers in LTE Access”

  1. Daniel Haffner

    Massively disappointing. Was really looking forward to the Galaxy S3 on Straight Talk. Only Verizon coverage in my area. Now I have to wait for the next good Straight Talk phone running on a real network.

  2. Mike

    It seems like a poor marketing strategy for ST – Sprint prepaid nonroaming coverage is very spotty.

  3. Matt

    @ Mike. So would you prefer less prepaid LTE options?

    Virgin is known to get lower priority the Sprint customers on their towers. I wonder if that’s extends to ST as well? LTE?

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  6. Jason

    @Daniel…I haven’t been many places in which Verizon was better or even equal to Sprint. Only in FL, Verizon has the edge. In NC where I live, Verizon is a joke. Can u hear me now…doubt it if it’s Verizon. Traveling to VA and down to FL, Verizon again, is a joke. Sprint works like a charm and very few drop out areas. Verizon…constantly drops out along the I-95 corridor…just saying…

  7. Daniel

    @jason, try coming to the Midwest and using any other network than Verizon. None of the others are worth crap here. Barely coverage at all.