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2 responses to “Confirmed: Verizon iPhone Only Sold on Month-to-Month and 2 Year Agreements”

  1. F1

    Just curious,
    1. Does VZW unlock the iPhone upon request…following the full retail purchase?
    2.VZW CDMA utilizes same as SPRINT CDMA wave lenghts, hence theoretically portability should not be an issue, however, due to SPRINT’s new policy, a $10 premium would be added to no matter which plan one is using, that being the case when ESN is changed, i.e in case of “Fair & Flexible” and other legacy plans. Could Phonenews kindly inquire on this matter, that being on behalf of the consumers & shed some light of “facts” on this potential consideration? Thank You

  2. Sedrick

    Those handset prices are ridiculous! The use of an iPhone cannot seriously justify such a massive price tag. Especially if compared to an MVNO, that uses the same network, where the most expensive smart phone is $330, and the monthly cost of having unlimited voice, text, and data is only $45. Give me straight talk everyday thank you.