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5 responses to “Consumer Cellular Brings AT&T iPhone-Compatible Service Down to $10/Month”

  1. Alex

    Looks like $10/Mo Anywhere Casual plan does not offer the Text/Web option, but $15/Mo Anywhere 100 plan and up offer the Text/Web option. Still an option to consider for an emergency iPhone.

  2. Alex

    Actually, my mistake.
    I tried to go through the order process, and yes, I could add the text/web option for $10/mo plan.

  3. Jimmy

    I think this will be a big deal for people wondering what to do with their older (but still quite usable) iPhones.

    Before, all we could use them for is as a glorified iPod touch, or have to spend a ton to activate them on TracFone/StraighTalk’s $45 per month plan.

    Now they can be used as backup phones at a reasonable cost. That makes even more sense if you’re changing carriers for a better plan (say, Sprint for unlimited data, but want to make sure you have AT&T’s network in a pinch).

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  5. George

    The SIM card option is good but they cannot get a Blackberry world phone (w/GSM) to operate with e-mail or web as they don’t have any specific BB data plan. However, it will still work with voice and SMS.