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5 responses to “Cox to Launch MVNO with Sprint and 3G Network in 2009”

  1. Daniel

    Are they only going to resell in areas they currently serve cable services? It would make sense if they limit their service in these areas to avoid the huge overhead that ultimately caused the demise of Amp’d and sellout of Helio.

    Cox is a local cable provider in parts of Southern Cali. Hopefully this will create new local jobs especially for current Sprint employees who need to get out.

  2. Christopher Price

    Service will be initially sold through Cox’s existing cable network area. However, Cox intends to eventually grow beyond that.

    The advantage of this approach, is that customers will avoid roaming on Sprint’s network once they have their towers deployed. This will reduce their costs (compared to an MVNO), without the loss of coverage.

    I realize a lot of Cox’s plan appears to be confusing at the moment. However, it does appear to be a CDMA network compatible with Sprint, which will eventually be dual-band CDMA on the 1900/700 MHz networks… finally converting to LTE (700 MHz exclusively) once the technology is mature enough.

  3. celz

    this sounds good because 3 or 4 years from now wimax wont cut it for phones so sprint could already have a relationship established and use the cox lte since the rest of the country and world will be using that

  4. Christopher Price

    Celz, I doubt it would work that way. Sprint does not need to rely on (much less partner with) Cox, should they chose to switch to LTE.

    Also, in “3 to 4 years” WiMAX will work quite well for phones, even for voice. There are already draft standards for VoIP on WiMAX… once Intel, Motorola, and the rest of the WiMAX forum embrace one… there isn’t any reason that WiMAX couldn’t be just as good of a mobile phone platform as LTE may become.

    It’s a common misconception that WiMAX can’t handle voice. In the future… it will have more capacity for voice than CDMA could handle today. Right now, Sprint simply doesn’t need to, because they can dual-mode CDMA and WiMAX… since there’s CDMA coverage wherever Sprint will be deploying WiMAX over the next five years.

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