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20 responses to “Cricket Kyocera Zio to Receive Android Eclair Update in February”

  1. Brian

    Hope this happens….Phone is slow but for the price it’s awesome. Would be very excited to get eclair on it.

  2. Melissa

    Never listen to Cricket customer support when it comes to phone release dates or phone upgrades. I repeat, never listen to Cricket customer service.

  3. Aaron

    thats funny i have emails saying jan 2011 i even had them state all sorts of dates the sanyo agent on the phone told me by feb 1st i should have a update to 2.1 now there is a letter from the fcc saying 2.2 update by march. i personally think there will never be a update to the phone. since cricket is the one that is responsible for updating the device. cricket is saying feb sometime fcc is saying march sometime and sanyo is saying jan 31st basicly the email above is a email sent from sanyo they just make up dates to push customers off. my friend also says now the cricket store where he lives says this week we should see it. lol if i dont get the update by march ill be using a flashed android to cricket and asking for money back from cricket or sanyo to see how this goes. if they are not careful there might be a class action lawsuit awaiting cricket or sanyo regarding this if no update is released.

  4. Don

    I also talked to Cricket here in Denver, CO. They said they were told in a email feb 24th He also said 2.2 not 2.1.

  5. Aaron

    that will be pushed back they have been pushing dates back since nov last year Dont waste your money on this phone you will never get a update. so if your considering the phone please buy the other phone. they dont plan on releasing the update at all they been stating a update for months the phone is pile of crap

  6. cricket dealer

    Not true, this phone is discontinued by cricket they are selling whats left of it.

  7. MIke

    i talk to a guy a cricket bought the zanyo for the 1 purupose of getting the update. and i was told that were getting the 2.3 ginger bread now

  8. Cricket Dealer

    Please bring your phones back to our Cricket stores. Their has been a recall on the zio this is why the has been dicontinued. The is a issue with the batteries over heating and exploding inside the phone. Please contact Cricket as soon as possible. This is major recall is causing us to switch out your phones with a newer Sanyo model. This new model is called the Sanyo Vant it will have android version 2.2.1 Thank you. Steve from cricket.

  9. richard myers

    Just visited a Cricket dealer on Monday, Feb 7, they told me the update has now been pushed into March.

  10. John

    I just called teh cricket store and they stated that they are not going to update the phone until May they say they are going to update to 2.3 now.

  11. Bill Thompson

    I just talk to Steve Schmidt Vice President of Cricket North American Sales Division Western Region and he told me the following. Cricket is aware of the frustration from our customers and we have just completed the update to 2.3.2 and will be rolling it out on Monday February 14th, 2011. I know that the wait has been unpleasant but I know that our customers want us to get this update released trouble free.

    Here is the phone number to Steve Schmidt if you wish to call his office.


    Bill T.

  12. Bill Thompson

    That was a joke people, Wouldn’t it have been great if it was real! There is a recall on the Cricket ZIO for a dangerous defective battery? I am sure it is true because I read it with my own eyes and that is all I need.

    Thanks again,

    Bill T.

  13. bob

    the phone is discontinued i just talked to cricket they said they will not be selling this phone or plan on updating the the phone at all basically it was a sales ploy to get rid of all the phones so they can get rid of it. if this is the case and if they bring out any new phones its a sign that android phones will never be upgraded or updated ever on cricket please consider this before buying any new phones with cricket. they lost me as a customer when my bill period ends im gone. hey look virgin mobile has nice phones and they update the phones because sprint updates phones all the time.. i give cricket 2 more years and they will be looking for someone to buy them out again.. they are chasing customers away and lying to the customers instead of taking ownership and making a update it would save you more money and bring more customers if you would have updated a phone instead of discontinuing it.

  14. Josh

    So much for Steve Schmidt’s assertion for the update. What jackasses! This is the worst way to run a company, and the phone support sucks too.

  15. update is here
  16. curtis

    This is all so funny to read. All the experts on what is going to happen. Blah blah. 2.2 update just released. Not OTA yet but available in stores. Stop listening to ‘sea lawyers’, they NEVER know any facts….just a bunch of rumormill crap. As for battery recall, I haven’t a singal word about that. It’s certainly possible, but i’d wait til I get an official word on that before I start jumping at rumors. Geeeeees.

  17. mike

    For those who have the update have a backup issue you have to do the factory restore and then you can get past 60 percent when connecting to backup server. did it my friends phone and my phone and no problem connecting to backup servers

  18. Josh

    Well, it’s even better than the story predicted. It’s a Froyo update, and available now by auto-update on your phone…so far it’s running great on my phone.

  19. fred

    I didn’t know that the cricket sanyo zio smartphone was in recall?? Why has I hasn’t get any notice on that?? Can it be possible to exchange it with another phone because it keep freezing and overheating?!!!

  20. richard myers

    I don’t know anything about a recall either. I’ve had my phone for more than six months.

    I’ve never had an overheating problem. Since i installed the upgrade (pretty easy to do) a couple of months ago, i’ve had it die twice. In both cases, i took the battery out for five minutes, and it booted up without any problems.

    I recommend the upgrade.