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3 responses to “Cricket Launches Huawei EC1705 USB Modem”

  1. Ricardo Garcia

    It Sucks because After i Downloaded 3 movies that took me about half a day each it suddently slowed way way down now it download at 5kbps and it takes about 20 to 30 minutes for a single song. and when the bill is almost near suddently becomes a snail in every single thing it is a worthless modem if someone knows how to fix that problem please tell me

  2. Jose Ramirez

    I have that same problem Garcia has, its incredibly slow after a while, help is appreciated.

  3. Informed User

    When you go over the limit on cricket they don’t overcharge you. and they dont cut you off. but they do limit you to 64k until your next billing cycle. If you are a video watcher you can upgrade you package and recieve more download.