Cricket Launches Motorola Evoke QA4

Following up on the listing in May, Cricket has launched the Motorola Evoke QA4.

The phone features a WQVGA resolution touchscreen display, a Linux based operating system, triband CDMA access with EVDO data, HTML browser, microSDHC expansion slot, media player, 2.0 megapixel camera with video recorder, GPS support, Bluetooth with stereo audio support and speakerphone.

Pricing for the phone is set at $299.99 after new activation and $15 data plan requirement before an additional $20 instant online discount, bringing the total to $279.99.

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3 responses to “Cricket Launches Motorola Evoke QA4”

  1. James Boyd

    So how do you go about sending video and pictures to someone if your with the cricket phone company? it says its not MMS capable???

  2. jim thomas

    i think the phone have some unique quality but i think the over all is not good
    its a few thinks wrong wit this phone first the fact that u can add music but you can not personalize your ringtone second you can not the flash player will never play and lastly the fact that you can not recieve mms have to be the be the biggest flaw of all