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6 responses to “CTIA 2011: Kyocera Opens Echo Development Program”

  1. Nanfy

    ..And this is exactly why this phone will fail.

  2. DP

    Because they open a development program is why the phone will fail? Your blind hatred is causing you to not make very much sense. But if you dislike this phone so much why do you feel the need to comment each and every time that it’s mentioned? Don’t like it then don’t buy it. See how simple that is?!

  3. Nanfy

    Blind Hatred? NOPE. I’ve been watching the cell industry for a good 15 years to know what will fail and why. It will fail because as a developer, why would I spend the time to make my app “ECHO compliant” when only a super small fraction of the population will ever use the phone. The industry does not need another “development program” to worry about. Us developers already have enough on our plate between iOS, Android, Windows mobile, WebOS and so on. A sub category development platform of a phone in order to take advantage of it will and has ALWAYS been doomed to failure.

  4. Phoneman

    Absolutely right Nanfy. I could not have said that better myself.

  5. EP

    So in essence you’re knocking them for trying something new and innovative. Interesting….

  6. Phoneman

    Nobody is knocking them for trying something new and innovative. We’re pointing out the obvious… If it requires a special SDK to make apps for it, nobody is going to make anything for it.