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7 responses to “CTIA 2011: Sprint Announces Nexus S 4G, Google Voice Integration”

  1. HehHeh

    Wow, so the Nexus S gets released for TMobile on 12/16/10ish. Six months later they want to re-release it with an updated radio and all the same stale hardware as the original, way to go HTC, I mean Google–meanwhile dual core cpu’s will be coming out very close to the same time as this. WTF is Google and Sprint thinking and smoking? I know that the Android operating system can barely push these specifications now, but your signing a two year contract, not one. Two years from “insert date here” this phone is going to be seriously slow running Android 4 or 5. I can’t believe they couldn’t throw in a better cpu/gpu in this new release and SD card. The iPhone is looking more and more attractive between these issues, fragmentation and all the new viruses that is occurring with Android phones, because Google has lost control with the Android Marketplace. FAIL, Fail, fail…

  2. JJ

    First of all htc doesn’t make the nexxus s. Second of all the nexxus has a fast gpu already that can handle updated os very well. Plus since the phone is all google with no bloatware the updates from google are smooth and always faster then waiting for sprint to release updates. If you are really this unhappy with android and love the iphone so much then switch. No one is forcing you to do anything. I and alot of others will stick with android and it’s open os instead of being told what you can and cannot do with your phone.

  3. Nanfy

    Will sprint STRIP out or charge for the built in tethering? Its stock android after all, so if they strip it, then its NOT stock android anymore.

  4. F1

    Sad state of affairs, what happened to dual core? All of these phones have an extremely short shelf life.

    ” signing a two year contract, not one. Two years from “insert date here” , that is such a outdated policy, two years from now?!
    You should always buy the latest in tecnology now, since even that is absolete in six months time, which again they will not sell you until the old inventory is cleared.

    “Fragmentation and all the new viruses that is occurring with Android phones, because Google has lost control with the Android Marketplace.”

    These problems are the cost of relative “OS Freedom”, it is by design the opposite of APPLE’S iPHONE, at least it works compared to my 5th Palm Pro 850 MS Mobile 6.1, this one will only store random text messages, what can one expect for a refurb that SPRINT is “selling” as a replacement to a brand new phone,that was still under Factory Warranty!

    The manager said that “it is not a bad deal, $35 every three to four months”, you do the math, suddenly it is more cost effective to drop your legacy plan, “why don’t you take it in, let the store exchange it for the 6th unit, maybe they will not charge you this time, because it is has only been two weeks, since the last time” that was said by Tier II tec support!

    Suddenly VZW does not seem that expensive, soon enough!

    Thank You

  5. Phoneman

    The Nexus S 4G is not something I will even consider. I mean we already have a Galaxy S 4G in the Epic. And the Evo 3D is set to own any phone for a while, just like the OG Evo did.

    I guess more choice is good. But in this case, the Nexus S is an outdated device.

    I can’t think of any reason I would buy a Nexus S instead of an Evo 3D.

  6. JJ

    The only way the nexxus s will be a true success is if they make it a world phone like tp2. Then people would buy it. But like some of you said the evo 2 is coming si why would you choose it? Only plus is thad it will probably be updated faster since it’s google direct phone and not htc sense which slows down updates. Hey, maybe they’ll update the version for sprint with a newer processor and add memory card slot. We’ll see what happens.l

  7. Dominik

    I’m glad that the device will be available for Sprint customers.

    Odds are I will get rid of my Epic (i have no use for the keyboard) and purchase the Nexus S.