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7 responses to “CTIA Photos & Details: Sprint, XOHM, QChat Direct Connect”

  1. OfficerPerkins

    Sprint tries so hard they are just too slow.

  2. Don H

    Sprint is working to show customer they care. XOHM could give Sprint a chance to change things. With the Un-Subsidized model, customers would feel they own their device, and would seperate the “Network” from the “Device” and wouldn’t feel their dollars spent should get them a “Free” upgrade every few months. Change takes time, but I think Sprint is worth it, if for no other reason than to keep the American Phone Market healthy. Does anyone really want a market ruled by Verizon and AT&T with Alltel and T-Mobile picking at the scraps. We need to find a new way for the cell phone market to work in America. If Sprint fails, then there will be even less of a chance of the players that are left taking a risk with a new model, and we the consumers suffer.

  3. fini

    @Don H

    Good Comment!

  4. BARB


  5. Don Louie

    If the Instinct had ptt too that would make thier launch stellar, guess they couldn’t have the star ptt device only ptt’n sometimes because of coverage issues

  6. zaid

    I don’t know I think there going to do great I anticepate on it.sprint is strong

  7. Doug

    Sprint has one of the fast networks out there now so when this hits they will be even more dominant and the the push-to-talk phones they had alot of the complaints becuase you would have a construction worker who had to have one for his business but his wife and or daughter would want something cute or pretty. With these phones begins a generation of new push-to-talk phones that are geared to all consumers and not just the construction or trucking industries. With the QChat it adds this ability to have a full CDMA phone that can communicate with a IDEN phone. It will open the market for Palm and Windows Mobile devices with the push-to-talk feature built in so that someone who is business oriented can also hit the construction yard and do group chats with workers to achieve a greater result.