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3 responses to “CTIA: Verizon Launching Skype Application on Thursday”

  1. Nanfy

    Skype is really embracing the opposite of the google mantra ” Don’t be evil”.

    First they enter into all these exclusives like HQ video only on select logitech devices and skype for android and blackberry ONLY on verizon. What about all the other 6 billion people on earth who do not live in the USA and DO NOT have Verizon. Skype should try to appeal to as many users as possible, instead they are slowly going to push people towards google’s upcoming relaunch of gizmo project when it hits. Even worse they pulled their windows mobile and java apps. Why not just say they will no longer be developed, why do they have to pull it.

  2. JJ

    Who cares about skype-Bring on Google and the new HTC Evo and forget about skype.

  3. Nanfy

    Skype is an extremely useful app for calling people overseas. Skype is coming to android, just only on verizon phones. I’m sure it will be ripped and freely disturbed to everyone as soon as its released.