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6 responses to “CTIA: Windows Mobile 6.1 Officially Announced by Microsoft”

  1. Jkohl

    When is it coming out and how do I get it? This sounds like a major improvement from past versions and it is great that carriers and manufacturers are allowing upgrades to current devices and not forcing customers into a $600 upgrade.

  2. Christopher Price

    It isn’t the first time this has happened, all Windows Mobile 5.0 devices received an update to AKU2 (Service Pack 2, in layman’s terms). However, not all 5.0 devices were updated to AKU3, a much more feature-rich update (AKU2 was more of a bugfix release). In fact, in the past, updates were issued directly to users (back then they were called End User Updates, EUUs). This hasn’t been used since Pocket PC 2002, however.

    And no, you won’t be able to update over Windows Update. Windows Update Mobile is really designed for emergency security updates, and that alone… the only other type of update they’ve done is an Office Mobile update. Software in the device can be updated, but not the operating system itself.

    As to when it 6.1 comes out, the final code is in the hands of the device makers. They will be compiling and testing the update for the devices. When that is done, it will be handed to the carriers for their testing and approval.

    In short, there’s no one answer, it depends on your device, your carrier, and if the update passes approval the first try. As a general rule, it takes at least 90 days from release to manufacturers before the carriers even come close to approving the update. Add 90 days for each time the carriers reject the update.

    Some updates have taken nine months or more to be released…

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  4. Ryan

    WOW, this thing is dated towards the begining of this month! I checked for updates about 4 days ago, today being 14 Apr and there’s nothing to get. I am a proud (somewhat proud) owner of a HTC PPC 6800, I really want to modify my phone but dont really have the slightest clue how to. Someone hook a brotha up! Thanks for reading…

  5. Christopher Price

    Ryan, Windows Mobile 6.1 will be a ROM update. In other words, you will have to download an upgrade program from your PC, it will not be offered via Windows Update.


    Has anyone tried to sign in on a forum and post a message on a forum?
    WM6 & WM6.1 won’t allow one to post a message on a forum on the internet. WM5 worked perfectly but WM6 is just a browser and not a tool/pc in that way.
    Are they aware of this cause in SA no one was until I pointed this out.
    Is Windows Mobile going backwards?