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2 responses to “Deal: 252 Off Virgin Mobile Smartphones”

  1. Vi

    Ain’t competition a great thing? Until the ATT TMO thing happens that is. But there’s always the potability of Microsoft (Skype) and Google (talk) saying what about me!

    I got my V for 116 at Radio Shack, but without the 20 buck credit.

  2. sammy sung

    After owning a Samsung Intercept w/VM service. I can say that it is terrible, frustrating and evil little device. If you depend on it to be at all for anyting relavitively important (work, emergencies etc) you will regret it. I don’t think it’s worth $7.50 or even .50.
    I”ve headr if you root the phone it works better, but VM considers that a violation of some sort)