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15 responses to “Deal-and-a-Review: Samsung Slashes Galaxy Tab 2 Pricing to $199, Taking Heat from Nexus 7 & Fire HD”

  1. Fri13

    There is two important features why Galaxy Tab 2 is better than many other 7″ tablets.

    1. 3G connectivity: You can actually have a data connection on tablet and forget smartphones and go back to mobile phones for basic calls/sms with much better battery lifetime.

    2. Voice calls (GSM calls): You can actually buy a bluetooth headset and keep Tab 2 your phone with a much better battery lifetime than what is available on any smartphone. Only thing what is needed, is that you have pocket big enough or backpack or purse where to keep device when outside. Inside a house or other similar situations you are better with bluetooth dongle.

    I am going to buy Tab 2 7.0″ only because those features, because I am sick for smartphone screen being too small (<5") for actual reading and web using, and having terrible battery lifetime. Cameras are not so important, as long there is read camera for note taking, because I like to use DSL what is always superior for any smartphone camera because controls and DOF effect. And because I anyway need to travel with backpack and camera, a tablet isn't a problem.

    Oh, and third feature (bonus feature) is that Tab 2 includes a USB Host function, meaning that you can attach your external HDD/SDD/USB Stick to it and copy/view files to/from it.

  2. John

    I have the 7 inch galaxy tab 2 but it is only wifi…Sprint just got the 10.1 galaxy tab 2 with cellular…but 10 inches is tarded to walk around with and use…7 inch is perfect! for back pocket carrying, listening to music (wow the music player has an eq/dsp with room/hall/echo)

    I would stop carrying a phone altogether if this 7 inch tab had cellular! I paid 250 and would pay that again without a problem.

    I recommend this tablet by far to anyone who wants a tablet and I use the camera and micro sd slot majorly…Jelly Bean is already available for this tablet including voice search via AOKP rom so it’s just perfect.

    Love samsung!

  3. Tony

    I just bought the Tab 2 7.0 love it!

    I was going to get a Nexus 7 but the lack of the SD slot was a deal breaker. Makes no sense not to have the slot. Nook Tablet has one as will the HD models. I have three 32GB uSD card that hold movies, MP3 and other data.

    Now if Samsung would intoduce a 7.0 Tab 2 with 32GB or 64GB of internal storage I’d buy another one.

    An issue with the SD slot is that you can NOT install apps to the card in the SD slot. I hope Samsung fixes this with a software update.

  4. Bob

    I wanted this tablet to do offline GPS maps by doing the mapping online first. One of the things the Google and Amazon tablets don’t appear to have is a real GPS chip.

    I also like the appeal of the IR which can be used as a universal tv remote.

    As a stay-at-home dad I spend a lot of my time with my kids snapping photos w/ my iPod Touch but the camera is very limited.

    I was leaning towards the Galaxy Player 5″ (I already traded in my iPod Touch to Amazon) but they’re both the same price so I may buy the 7″ now.

    Camera, GPS, micro SD slot and IR at same price as Fire HD and Nexus make this a winner in my book. The Fire HD also costs $20 for the charger, unless you like waiting eleven hours for it to charge via USB.

  5. Tony Oresteen

    Thanks for the reply Christopher.

    I stopped by Best Buy tonight and got a $50 refund as I had just bought my Tab 2 3 weeks ago for $250. No problems and I walked out with $50 cash in my pocket.

    Used the money to buy a nice Asus Bluetooth keyboard at CompUSA for the Tab 2.

    Right now I have plenty of internal storage so no need to root the Tab 2 quite yet. If I run out I’m glad to know I have an option.

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  7. Braden

    I don’t know from what I’ve seen and in my opinion the tab 2 is better than the N7. The N7 has tons of physical defects (screen raising, dead pixels, screen sensitivity issues). In addition I read a portion of the app don’t work because they aren’t compatible with the new Jelly Bean os. Most devices are still on ICS and therefore most apps would be compatible with it. Plus, Jelly Bean isn’t that great of an update from what I’ve read/heard. ALSO the biggest thing for me is that the Tab 2 can (using an adapter) use flash drives unrooted. Download a movie grab your flash drive and tablet and your good to go. Plus, the N7 isn’t that much faster than the Tab 2 for having a quad core processor.

  8. ed

    I think the title should read “Samsung Slashes Galaxy Tab 2 Pricing to $199, Taking Heat from the coming iPad Mini.” Even if the Mini is priced $100 higher, it will be a formidable leading competitor.

  9. Bob

    Ordered my Tab 2 last night from Amazon. Still looking for a screen protector and a TPU case though, (nobody wants to make them, too many Tab 7 models I suppose).

    ed. – I doubt Samsung lowered the price based on a product that so far only has an announcement of an announcement which didn’t even include a price. Nobody is going to buy a Samsung if they want an Apple, but they might buy 1 of 3 other Android tablets (Google, B&N, Amazon) which have the same size screen and are selling for $50 less. I only choose the Tab 7 after the price drop.

    you might as well say “Kia lowers prices because Ferrari has new model coming out.” (It always comes back to car analogies.)

  10. Bill

    Don’t buy this item, the camera and video player are plagued with problem, actually you cannot use it. I have had this for two weeks and now I get gray pictures or it fails all together, just Google Galaxy 2 tab camera problems or galaxy 7.0 camera failed message thousands. They are are selling this thing knowing the camera does not work. I knew I should have bought an IPAD. As of this writing they have NO SOLUTION to this issue. Samsung event promotes how good of a quality picture the camera produces – class action.

  11. Bob

    RE: Bill – The camera isn’t the problem, the software is. Try another app, there are several good free ones, to take your outdoor photos. Hopefully someday Samsung will update this Tab to JB and the problem will go away.

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