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6 responses to “Deal: Best Buy Offering $10 Gift Card with Android Phone (Motorola i1 Included)”

  1. Christopher Price

    This also applies to Droid X if you buy it on the 15th, 16th, or 17th.

  2. jim ripley

    The i1 is not totally exclusive to best buy. The Nextel kiosk owned by allstar wireless that my son works at has the i1 in stock. No they did not buy them from best buy either.

  3. Christopher Price

    The i1 on prepaid (via Boost Mobile) is exclusive to Best Buy. The article did not say that postpay i1 was exclusive to Best Buy, only prepaid.

  4. jim ripley

    Its the Boost prepay i1 that they sell. they dont have any postpay Nextel i1’s at all.

  5. brad southerland

    i1 not exclusive, shop the price among the small shops the have been doing Boost for awhile or call them. Saw it at my local shop for $339.00, he doesn’t care about the markups on the phone, he cares more about getting the $5 he gets for the reboost at his shop.

  6. Christopher Price

    Boost has a nationwide exclusive on the phone, but it appears that Boost is letting local retailers (the “small shops”) sell them as well.

    This is likely due to sluggish sales, which is likely due to the i1 being stuck in last year with Android 1.5.