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2 responses to “Deal: Boost Mobile Kyocera Hydro Android Smartphone”

  1. Raymond Durden

    I hope you can asssist me, I just purchased this type of phone but I paid $87.00. The phone iis excellent in many ways but it seems defective in that my incoming calls go to voice mail.
    I not even aware that a call has come in and this is a serious problem because I need the phone for my work assignments. I must repsond to calls when they come. I have taken the phone to the store several times and they do something and they call my number and the phone rings. i bring it home and put it on the charger and call the phone and the call goes to voice mail. Can you advise?

  2. dvpatel

    I doubt it can be flashed yet to PagePlus. Can ou please post instructions or a site or URL or something to assist me in either flashing the phone to PagePlus or to manually program it?