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8 responses to “Deal: Clear iSpot – $20 Shipped, Today & Tomorrow”

  1. CF
  2. CF

    Oh J/k, you fixed it! W00t awesome deal though!

  3. Brian

    It also requires the first month of service to be paid for upfront with this offer.

  4. CF

    Oh it’s also not just today only. All of their other deals for the 5 day sale will still be available until midnight Friday

  5. Dave

    I just ordered my iSpot and am expecting delivery today. This is a pretty sharp deal, but my Visa got dinged for $56 and change. The invoice said that after tax, I should only be charged $46.20. Today the charge has changed from “pending” to “nowhere to be found”, and in fact, Clear has no pending or successful charges at all.

    I’m excited by this deal, but based on all the trouble Clear has been having and how strangely this order has been handled, I’m also excited that it’s only month-to-month.

  6. Justyn

    I was also pinned with the $56 on my card as well it’s only pending though, so hopefully it will go back to being $46.20