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4 responses to “Deal: HTC EVO View 4G for Sprint – $289 Sans Contract”

  1. vonBionicRazr

    I had the Gaxaxy S Fascinate and it was a nice display but cheaply made plastic with an average camera. iPhone wannabe. I had the first Incredible and liked it even though HTC like Samsung really copied Apple to the T. I read that other samsung Gaxaxy 2 are cheap plastic with a nice display but nor without complaints. The latest Nexus prime is so highly touted that I thought about returning my Bionic and now I am thinking of sending back my new Razr, for the Nexus but I read today over in the UK there are problems with the volume rockers and then I read the reviews of the tablets Apple won injunctions on, (didn’t they win against HTC costing HTC billions?) so their tablets, Samsung’s aren’t better than the iPad 2 because i have an iPad 2 and my experience playing around with them concurs with the reviews, pretty display but average attempt at a tablet. Originally I was going to ask if HTC’s tablet is any good because I never heard of it (possibly the Apple lawsuit?) But now my question is technology is all about copying the best and hyping the rest. Sure the 4.65 Super Amoliod display will rock, but the phone has been delayed from volume rockers and I changed my mind about switching the Razr for it. Verizon said I can have an early upgrade so I can have the iPhone 4S (wife), Droid Bionic, Driod Razr and the Nexus Prime, but if Samsung tablets aren’t better than iPad 2, are we to believe that this Ice Cream Sandwich, probably an advanced open sourced thievery of iOS as Windows 7 is to Mac OSX Lion or whatever big cat, Snow Leopard. Are we to believe the Nexus Prime will be that much better than the Gaxaxy 2, because of face recognition software? See Android takes desserts to Apples Safari big Cat lineup. I like my Bionic and Razr and my iPad 2. I liked my Droid Incredible before these and the palm Pre before HP ruined it. I think these OS’s are equally good and do not care that Droid Google copies Apple’s lead. Apple has always taken other ideas and made you think it was theirs not by PR, but by greatness and ease of use. I’m neither a fanboy or a droid robot lover, whatever comparison insult running now. I’m just a father of a two year old that has cancer and likes technology gadgets to make chemotherapy sessions seem to go by quicker. I like both platforms, whereas I didn’t care for windows PC. So I really want to pose this question: Am I the only one that has become skeptical of Samsung (Google’s buying to compete: ie: buying Motorola just for patents to protect them in lawsuits) If Apple put out a 5″ iPhone Retina display with the camera they have now its game over. I wouldn’t have to buy all these Android devices and my wife would have her 3.5″ and we wouldn’t take the wrong phones to work . I mean, the iPhone debuted with the biggest display at it launch and maybe because the competition supplies screens they can’t get bigger. There’s no sense in going to 4″ when everyone is at 4.3″ and this 4.65 Nexus. Is this Nexus a great phone or just another great screen? I don’t understand these Apple haters? Competition is good for the consumer. I have enough devices to prove it. But this HTC tablet, is it good or another Touch Pad or Play Book? Thanks for your time whoever has seen it.

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