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4 responses to “Deal: iPhone 3G 8GB Refub Falls to $79 on AT&T”

  1. qwerty

    New for $99 or refurb for $79. Tough choice in these tough economic times.

  2. tammy rotatori

    They should consider lowering the iphone 3g down to the 20 dollar a month fee since they are ocming out with a new one. This would make the sales better since most kids and familys cant afford more in these times. I know Id buy one if I could afford the monthy bill. #0 is to high.

  3. Christopher Price

    Tammy, both iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S use the same amount of data right now. AT&T hasn’t rolled out 7.2 mbps yet, so in terms of network utilization… the two devices are identical.

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