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5 responses to “Deal: iTunes $50 Gift Card for $40 Shipped (Update: Back in Stock)”

  1. Jeff

    FAIL… sold out online.

  2. Marylyn

    The $50 iTunes gift card for $40 is NOT sold out. However, when I bought two of them they charged me $5.60 in taxes. There are not supposed to be taxes imposed on gift cards. You pay taxes when you use them not when you buy them.

  3. Marylyn

    THIS IS NOT SOLD OUT.The design you picked is sold out but there are many other designs available.

  4. Christopher Price

    Thanks folks, this was the SKU we were given by Best Buy, it wasn’t clear that the others would be discounted as well.

    We’ll get direct links to those up right away. In the mean time, you can use the link above, just click the iTunes category to go back one level to see all the iTunes Gift Cards… should only take us a few minutes to update the article.