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3 responses to “Deal: LG Quantum C700 Windows Phone 7 Unlocked with QWERTY Keyboard – $155 Shipped”

  1. Vesper

    Well that’s alright if it can only operate in the two only providers than offer the globally dominant gsm network. Between AT&T, and T-mobile – they are the only gsm providers in the US. And seeing that AT&T already have coverage over most of T-mobile’s network, you really would have great coverage. Tracfone, and Simple Mobile are certainly the hot cross buns at the moment. But if this tethering tool gets abused then restrictions are certainly bound to creep in. As it is I’m amazed at how long tracfone has been able to offer their unlimited everything plan without changing anything about it (maybe improve it by offering beter and better phones), whilst all the other providers, especially the ones they purchase from, incorporate limits, and caps.

  2. Mike

    @Vesper – the unlocked SIMs are capable of roaming on either network while the antenna in this particular phone (c700) has the limitations. I would imagine if you plopped this SIM into the Galaxy Nexus (with a pentaband world phone antenna) you could take full advantage of both networks. Plus TracFone already has multiple android smartphones and some decent feature phones too. I saw on bloomberg today that HTC made a pretty snazzy android phone with TracFone a likely carrier for the device.

  3. Vesper

    @ Mike; and your honest opinion, how long do you think tracfone can keep on offering unlimited everything options with smarter, and faster, hungrier devices? Surely the spectrum crunch is going to catch up to them soon. It’s only T-mobile with their new found spectrum they got from the merger going bust that’s prompting them to sell so cheaply…and then there’s Sprint with a seemingly limitless amount of spectrum, as they also seem happy to relinquish data at cheap wholesale rates.