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6 responses to “Deal: Motorola Luge (RAZR M) Prepaid Unlocked LTE Verizon Phone – $49.99 @ Best Buy”

  1. Christopher Price

    In for one.

    1. Ken

      Can this phone be put on an existing page plus account?

  2. Ken

    So to put this old “new” prepaid phone on Page Plus, there is no 6 month period I must wait having it on Verizon’s prepaid to switch over and activate on an existing Page plus account. I’ve tried to get a brand new purchased Verizon Moto G on Page plus and was told I couldn’t.

  3. Ken

    Anyone knows for sure that this can go on an existing Page Plus line? Anyone?

  4. Tom S

    Yes, this will work with Page Plus LTE plans.

    1. Ken

      Thanks. I’ll go try to buy it again. When I tried to buy it a guy at Best Buy said it was activation locked to Verizon. Never heard of that though.