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3 responses to “Deal: Palm Pixi Plus GSM / UMTS Unlocked – $57.99”

  1. Brian

    Must have been a one day sale because now it’s 80.77

  2. Jimbo

    Hey guys. if you want to sound smart, please continue to misuse terms like calling a form of storage “memory.” Thanks. (You don’t call a hard drive memory on your computer, so why the fuck do you guys keep saying a phone has 16GB of Memory when most desktops only come with 2GB, 4GB or 8GB of memory at the most?)

    Call it what it really is: Flash Storage, not memory.

  3. Christopher Price

    EEPROMs are memory too! Shame to the anti-EEPROM people out there. We shall now Occupy RAM to fight the hatred and prejudice.