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7 responses to “Deal: Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon Wireless – $229 Without Contract”

  1. mason makita

    for existing V-zon customers w/ grandfathered plans… perhaps. BUT, if you haven’t learned yet, V-zon is notorious for getting timely fresh software updates to its customers.

    if u are after PURE google, then it’s a NO brainer… buy the unlocked HSPA+ GSM Galaxy Nexus straight from the Google Play store… OR wait a few more weeks for Google’s newest Nexus phones.

    going PURE google will assure you of version 4.2 — which V-zon models won’t get until its carrier releases it. pure Google models get updates from GOOG directly.

    @$229 V-zon’s model is USED anyhow. the current GSM Google phone is brand new. and when the new Nexus comes out, there’s a chance GOOG will chop the price of the GSM GNex even more (prob lower than the V-zon-controlled model)

  2. Tom S

    Mason, they said all that in the article. LTE blows HSPA out of the water. Try Verizon’s network and you’ll see.

    That’s why people are paying hundreds of dollars to take over grandfathered plans that were offered as late as just a few months ago. Verizon’s LTE is that much better.

    And like Chris said, you can build your own firmware thanks to it being an AOSP device… quickly and easily. You don’t have to wait for Verizon, unlike all the other Android phones on Verizon that are locked down.

  3. careace

    Surprisingly, Verizon’s pricing is actually a pretty accurate reflection of the market price of $225

    If you are a Verizon subscriber and you’ve been eyeing the GNex, this is a decent opportunity to own a certified device. However, keep in mind that the next round of Google AOSP Nexus product[s] will be coming to market in the very near future.

  4. Ann

    Just tries to purchase at retail and the website was forcing me to change my unlimited data plan. I called customer service and the rep said I can be on a month to month plan at retail price for the phone but I must change my unlimited data plan to do so. The retail price is misleading!