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5 responses to “Deal: Sprint Motorola Q for $75 + Free Shipping”

  1. UPdownLoAD

    Extra 8% Off Coupon Code: CELL8

  2. Jimmie

    What kind of reporting is this when you use Sprint in headline and state it is for a Sprint phone and then use a Verizon branded Q. What happened to quality reporting with quality checks before posting? This may be the web and a free site but this is hugh blunder.

  3. Xtremegene

    @ Jimmie:
    While the picture posted with the news item is for a Verizon Q, the one for sale on Cellphoneshop’s website is for a Sprint Q. Not a huge blunder IMHO, just a small oversight for those who actually took advantage of the deal. The picture here I’m guessing is the one on the Phonenews wiki…

  4. jim

    Oh I think that VZ Q (which is what I have) pic there was hilarious. I LMAO when I saw that.