Deal: Susteen Tethering & Sync Software Free After Rebate is offering dozens of applications for free after rebate. Two are appealing for mobile users, and both are from Susteen.

First is DataPilot Tether, which appears to mirror PDANet’s feature set. However, at the free price point, it is a more versatile solution, claiming compatibility with Windows Mobile, Android, and BlackBerry in one license. While iPhone is listed as compatible, it is not supported for tethering, only the program’s other ancillary contact management and backup features. A $20 mail-in rebate makes the product free.

Second is Susteen’s DataPilot Universal Pro Kit sync solution. This version lacks tethering, but has more expansive phone PIM management, allowing for quick backup and archival of a phone’s contact and calendar data… as well as synchronization with desktop PIM solutions. A $45 mail-in rebate makes it free.

Please note that the rebate terms restrict buying both products. You cannot submit rebates for both products above, it is possible both rebates may be denied. Only chose one if you want your rebate to go through.

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