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9 responses to “Deal: Virgin Mobile MiFi with 1 GB $20/month Data Plan – $99”

  1. Vi

    Good job Christopher! I got my WIFI HP WebOS tablet a few weeks ago for a hundred bucks and my wife wants to Velcro a MIFI to the back of it.

    I think I may be turning into a thrift monster!

  2. JJ

    So do you have to continue the $20/month every month to be grandfathered in? Or can you use one month not get it for couple months and then get it again?

  3. Christopher Price

    @VI Be sure to check out the Verizon TouchPad $5 Case deal we posted awhile back. Holds both a TouchPad and MiFi in one case, no velcro required.

    @JJ Virgin Mobile does not expire plans immediately, but to be grandfathered risk-free, you should set it on auto reload every month. After one month of no reloads, Virgin may kick you off the plan, and that is a risky process considering that you may forget to reload, and lose the grandfathered plan over a mistake.

  4. Vi

    Excellent, I read your forum but it looks like not good enough. If it’s available in a Verizon store I’ll get one today!

  5. Vi

    Ordered it thanks Christopher!

  6. Christopher Price

    I’m using the Verizon case right now, I think it’s great. Probably won’t find it at retail at this point…

  7. Jeff

    If the plan costs them too much, they will cancel it. Virgin didn’t keep the “unlimited” data option around very long.

  8. BIg Loser

    The Virgin Mobile mifi is unreliable. Check the Virgin Mobile Facebook plan before you buy one.

  9. Scott T

    get it at Wally Mart for $99 thanks to you…thanks