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2 responses to “Dell Finally Gives Up on Smartphones Worldwide, Focuses on Windows 8/RT”

  1. Christopher

    I think you hit everything. Dell’s lack of support or software upgrades on the streak tablets was telling. Their actual smartphones were very nice, but again, same problem. No thought to updating the software. They had a Windows Phone 7 device, a slide I believe. Very nice design, too bad Microsoft dropped the ball and deemed all WP7 devices were not upgradeable to WP8.

  2. Christopher Price

    To be fair to Dell on that last point, the inability to upgrade Windows Phone 7 devices to Windows Phone 8 is solely Microsoft’s decision.

    Microsoft decided to use a Windows 8 desktop kernel for Windows Phone 8, which was something that should have been done eons ago (and we suggested eons ago). Unfortunately, it added an extreme amount of system requirements. You need a Snapdragon S4, Tegra 3, or equivalent/higher to run Windows Phone 8 properly. No WP7 device came close to those chips, as they’re just entering the market today.

    The Dell Venue Pro was a great device with a slide-out keyboard, and Dell smartly also offered an Android variant. Stupidly, however, Dell refused to offer the Android version in the United States, where it was most likely to sell.