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4 responses to “Dell Opens Pre-Order Page for Dell Streak”

  1. It's 2010 already

    Wow, Dell–really? July 2010 and the best you could do is Android 1.5? That’s EPIC fail in my book.

  2. bob

    its not Android 1.5, the article is incorrect. not much better though – 1.6…

  3. Nelson

    Dell has stated that an upgrade to 2.2 will be available in the near future.

    Upgrading right now would likely require a lot more testing, and would delay product launch.

  4. It's 2010 already


    No offense here but I’m not really buying it–both figuratively and literally. Dell can state anything they want but if this device doesn’t sell or has an issue it can and will quickly become the next KIN device. I seriously suggest not buying anything if you can’t live with the OS it ships with and Android 1.x is too old of an OS to have on any device coming out now. Android 2.1 is still lame, but acceptable in the game but to go back to 1.x now is just a poor business decision IMO…