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4 responses to “Dell Suspends Mobile Device Development (Updated)”

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  2. Charles Goin

    Dells sales are NOT due to the product, but the complete lack of a sales strategy that was worth a damn. They ONLY sold them at their online store. Not at Tmobile stores, not at AT&T stores, not at independent stores, and not at Best Buy. ONLY on thier website and then they didn’t advertise it.. and they are surprised at the low sales numbers.. WOW just WOW.. the whole mobility dept has to be run by pointy haired bosses. So instead, if the Dell Venue Pro is any indiciation, instead of investing in advertising and a new sales strategy for thier new phones, they kill what was to be one of the best phones on the market (The Wrigley..). I say this as a Dell Venue Pro owner that has bought 2 others for my family and know of at least 5 others that I have shown my phone that went to buy it online.. ONCE THEY KNEW ABOUT IT !!! UGH !!! What a INEPT company.

  3. CK

    I agree 100%. I have the Dell Streak which actually is a very good devise. But no marketing and support from the carriers, it doomed to fail. Maybe Dell should learn one or two pages from Apple’s marketing and support departments.

  4. Tom S

    Wow, so Dell is willing to say that is “inaccurate” in its “speculation”, but won’t say what is wrong about what said… and won’t say what the real story is.

    Yeah, I trust the article more than Dell’s refutation.