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9 responses to “Dell Falls Through, Won’t Update T-Mobile Streak 7 4G to Honeycomb”

  1. Jeff

    Once again… never buy anything based upon some future promise. It very rarely materializes.

  2. Jim Stewart

    Dell Streak 7, my first and last Dell anything

  3. Chris

    Never liked Dell and decided to give them a chance and they pull this. I’ll never buy Dell again.

  4. Concerned

    BOYCOT Dell Now…. Empty promises, lies… This is not the first time….

  5. ryan

    well, if they gave the ds7 a proper screen res to mate with the processor, maybe they would’ve sold more. Dumbest decision to make such a nice tablet and then skimp on the screen. It would’ve been ahead of its time with all it offers, especially compared to the acer, Lenovo and htc. Shame.

  6. gergey

    Dell is a joke.

  7. Gary Stanullwich

    T-Mobile refuses to let its customers have access to the update from Android 2.2 to Honeycomb 3.2. And they won’t tell their customers why. They start stuttering and hemming-and-hawing about not knowing why. Which they DO know why.

    Gary Stanullwich

  8. david

    T-Mobile gave me the unlocking code for my dell streak 7 4g. What was stopping my upgrading to HC 3.2 was the locking to T-Mobile carrier service. Now that it is unlocked i can upgrade. Give TMobile a call, they will give you the unlocking code for free.