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85 responses to “Details Surface on MetroPCS Samsung Caliber”

  1. akira

    the phone is out today people!!!!! i’m on my way to get mines =]

  2. MzCokeCola

    where are you located!!!!! Akira and do you have it yet!!!

  3. MzCokeCola

    Ok I just got word that the stores have access to purchase them online today and some may choose to have it next day ship and will be in stores by Friday!!!! This coming from a Metro PCS store. Tampa,Fl

  4. Nesey

    I purchased my phone @ 7:30 this morning with 2 day shipping, hoping it will be here by Friday. It says all orders placed before 3pm will be shipped out the same day. But when I went online to track my order this afternoon, it doesn’t seem as if it was processed (they don’t even have a tracking # yet). I did notice though that they were all sold out online and now you have to purchase it at the store. I really hope my shipping isn’t delayed because of all the online orders that I know went through this morning 🙁

  5. Miami Florida

    i just called a local dealer who still has 4 left!!! called my friend to pick me up before they sell out!!!!

    LOL!!! looks like the wait is almost over!!!!!!

    the fucking corporate store didn’t get them but the local dealers who did overnight got them!!!


  6. Ren

    My store said that they are expecting the Caliber to come in todays shipment around 2p.m.ish and that they would call me when it came in

  7. sens2u

    In Pinellas County FL here and I Got mine at 10:45 this morning…yipppppppppeeeeeeeee!

  8. sens2u

    Only one store in my area got the Caliber in today…thank god for Super Cell on US19!!!

  9. RandyA


    Metro Corporate Stores don’t have this phone yet. It was intended to be released today to all markets. Most, smart, 3rd party retailers will have ordered this with over night shipping. It should be in their inventories TODAY. Call them and check. All the retailers I’ve called in my area (Atlanta) have them. And they have LOTS of them. I asked the first store how many they had, and she asked me how many I needed. I can’t stress it enough, if you want it TODAY (like me) then call your RETAILERS! F*ck Corporate and their slow roll-outs.

  10. Miami Florida

    yup thank you all i got mines this phone is amazing.

    it didnt bring a headset which i didnt like but still awsome phone.
    now i got to buy a 4gb microsd card and a headset. oh well

    very light and looks alot like an iphone but with the awsome cheap plan. i love it.

  11. hector

    so i went to my local dealer and they didn’t have it and they said to call back at 3 and maybe they’ll have it by then and if not then tomorrow for sure. metro took forever to release this phone i havent had a phone for a while because as soon as i decided to get the finesse it was discontinued and ive been waiting on the caliber for a long time so im pretty excited.

  12. Jones

    Well all, I got mine today, I haven’t had a chance to mess with it yet, Its currently charging. It has a HUGE manual so I’ll have to go through that and of course do some more online research…The place I went to started off with 15 phones, when I got there at 1:00 I got the 10th phone sold, I’m sure the others are probably gone by now, the store was packed…Good Luck!

  13. Jones

    Oh, by the way, I got mine at a corporate store, I went to a thrid paty dealership at about 12 and they had only recieved three (3) phones which were already pre-sold…I decided to take a chance and go to a corporate store and thats where I hit the “mother load” as explained in my previous post. The largest micro SD the Caliber takes is 16gb so I’m going to get that as I plan I using it for pictures and video a lot. I usually get most of my electroncs from B*U*Y DOT C*O*M, so I’ll probably get it from there, they seem to have pretty good prices…

  14. Nesey

    So I was supposed to get my phone in the mail yesterday. After tons of emails back & forth w/ metro they finally told me they checked with the warehouse & they were out of stock. So they credited my money back & i went to one of our local retailers & got the last one! they only got 3 in yesterday. and i am writing to u all from my new caliber phone…..I love this phone!!

  15. Steve

    i hella wanna get this phone but my mon is hesitant because of the price and the rebates arent really a good deal. You just get your money back in cards

  16. Jones

    The rebate is actually not bad, its a total of $90 if you’re doing a new activation…When you get the cards, instead of paying cash just use the cards, its the same difference…Tell your “mom” that she can use the cards to go gorcery shopping or to buy whatever…If you go to another cell provider, they’ll sell you a smart phone for $99 but then you’ll be roped into a 2 year contract and they’ll tack on charges for minutes and data usage. In the end it will cost you more and if you want to get out of the contract you’ll have to pay the remainder of the contract off before they’ll let you off the hook. I was with AT&T and much to my surprise when I got my last phone bill it was over $400 because the unused minutes I thought I had didn’t roll over when the New Year came so I got whacked for .40 a minute, oops. My contract ends with them on March 3rd so I will be cancelling my account with them on that day…They have my $400 but have lost a customer and they aren’t the only customers they will be losing either…I think Metro has the best deal going, and believe me, I have research them all, they simply can’t be beat for the price they are giving for unlimited everything, I don’t have to worry about going over on minutes, taxes etc…Sure, you’ll pay a little more for the phone up front, but the Caliber is a nice smart phone, thus far it has done everything they say it can do without a glitch…Someone in my office has the iphone, but they probably paid about the same and they are roped into a contract for god knows how long…No Thanks, been there, done that, to much fine print and hidden fees…

  17. Steve

    You are absolutely right. that’s why I sticked with metro. thanks.

  18. RandyA

    I love this phone. I don’t know how popular it is with everyone else, but I’m totally satisfied. When I have full service, the internet is pretty quick. (Sometimes faster than my computer)

    I just wish I could use this bright ass LED flash as a flashlight..why isn’t that an option??

  19. MzCokeCola

    Yes I finally got mine Friday after work and the best part was that i was able to get two and the metrop store headed them for me. What great people he had 15 and sold out before I got there but I had called to see if he could hold one till I got out of work then callback later to hold other one then he said ok. Thank god for nice people to do nice things.

    I Love This Phone and all it’s glory.

  20. Kristi

    Does anyone know where I can get the Samsung Caliber phone for MetroPCS? The local store does not have any in stock. Thanks!

  21. Ayanna

    @Kristi-I went to get the phone last week and they were out of stock also but i went to about 4 different MetroPCS stores and they all said that they would be back in stock this coming thursday.

  22. Lory

    Anyone living in west palm beach, fl knows when the samsung caliber will be in stock again? Theyve been telling me they would have it for about 2 weeks now and they still dont.


    best buy got them by the stock load

  24. blaaaaa


  25. blaaaaa

    YOU MOTHER !@%*()(*&^%@ &%$% %$%^*(&*^ HEHE! OW! SHAMON!

  26. tony

    i bought this phone from philadelphia and i live in emmaus PA. when im in school or in my house i have no service and it says searching for SVC. i didnt activate it yet and i was wondering if i ddo will i have service everywhere

  27. timsy

    i bought this phone, sumsung caliber and thought that it has my main feature of security interest . ie automatic code lock. ive been trying as per the book but no luck, plz walk me over it if the feature is applicable or let me know iif its not. then advice me on the which touch screen has it.
    thank you metro pcs for no contract unlimited deal

  28. Adriana

    So I am an existing metro customer already…does this mean o have to change my number when I buy this phone?

  29. Jones

    @Adriana…No you do not have to change your #, let them know your phone # and Metro account # and they’ll make the switch for you.

  30. Dana

    I am currently selling my old phone the Samsung Caliber for about $180.00 OBO. Phones in very good condition and I also have the booklet, original paperwork, charger, and a Micro SD card (only item sold separately for $20.00), all set and ready to go. Loved the phone but I needed to build credit! Email me if your interested.

  31. Jones

    I heard on Friday, that Metro will no longer be carrying the Caliber. I have one and the phone has been great. it never once gave me a problem. Ashame it lasted only less than a year before they decided to scrap it. I will be selling my Caliber after Metro comes out with the LG Optimus or I might go for the Samsung Craft, it depends on how good their 4g network winds up being.

  32. jenae

    im mad metro dont have this phone anymore 🙁

  33. Mayra

    Why arent they selling it no more?

  34. Jones

    Metro will be coming out with a slew of new phones over the next several months…The Caliber is a good phone, but its old hat now. Its all about Droid phones and 4G phones…The Caliber is a 3G smart phone but it never was able to be used to its full potential because Metro doesn’t have a 3G network and now they are going from like 2G directly to 4G and the Caliber will only work on the 2G network. My guess is they are scrapping it because the new droid phones will run on their old 2G network but are also wifi enabled, unlike the Caliber. It looks like you can still buy the Caliber directly on Metros site though, but why buy it if you can get a droid phone for about the same price…Which is probably what Metro is thinking…There are two new droid smart phones coming out in the couple of weeks…I’ll be selling my Caliber for a fraction of what I paid for it when the LG Optimus M comes out…Either that or I’ll keep for a back up phone…

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