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85 responses to “Details Surface on MetroPCS Samsung Caliber”

  1. Steve

    Nice! But by handset upgrade, ill get a $50 rebate if I switch my old barely working phone to this phone?

  2. Anon

    If you get a new line you have to get a new cell number.

    does anyone know when this week will the cell phone come out for the south florida market.

    how come the phone is still not on the metropcs site… maybe tomorrow? any more info?

  3. hector

    does anyone know when it comes out in california?

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  5. summer

    so does this mean that it does come out today and if i go to the store i can get it tomorow ?? please say yea i really want this phone!!

  6. Eric Williams

    I cant wait to get this phone.. I Hope it comes out this friday….

  7. Anon

    most metro stores in south florida are still giving me mixed answers some saying this week others saying as far as a month from now now.

    metro does not handle new releases well. most company’s have something called “release dates” metro has not said a word about the caliber.

    i sure hope it comes out this week. feb. 22 and stil no announcement on the metro site or anything.

    im tired of waiting.

  8. Jones

    The Samsung Caliber apparently didn’t launch on the 22nd of Feb at MetroPCS, but then I already knew it wouldn’t, I was told two weeks ago the launch date was the 24th. I know a MetroPCS dealer and the last word they had on this phone was a launch date of the 24th, but even they are not 100% sure of the exact date of launch. They are not even sure of exactly how many phones they will be recieving, they already have several deposits from people for this phone (they are holding one for me when they get them, without me having to pay a deposit) which will be sold for $299.00 with $90.00 in rebates, they aready have the advertising materials but will not put them out until the phone launches otherwise they will have a lot of irrate customers if they put them out and don’t have the phone. The phone will require the $50 a month plan minimum at the very least for it to work. This phone will likely be sold out on the very first day of the launch so if you don’t get to a MetroPCS dealer on the launch date you will be out of luck come the next day…

  9. Jessica

    I was told that this phone wasn’t coming out until March 15th or 18th. They definitely don’t know release dates. One thing hasn’t changed though, the phone is supposed to be $249.99 with a $50 rebate for existing users. You can set up a new line to get the full $90.00 but you have to pay your first month’s $50.00 plan for you new number at the time you purchase the phone. So, you’re better off keeping your existing number, if you have one.

  10. SHANI

    NO i herd it can be put under the family plan with 2 or more lines not only the 50 dollar

  11. Jorge

    here in Atl.Ga. same old news except its coming with all above information. I am on a list too..waiting for the call to pick up.

  12. Anon

    i called a local metro corporate store and he said they will be getting a shipment tomorrow feb 24, and the caliber might be in there. he said to call him around 1pm tomorrow, hopefully it comes and since most people dont know its coming i can get my hands on it tomorrow.

    i will update tomorrow, but yea metro really does suck at doing new releases.

  13. Jones

    I heard today that they will only be going out to high volume stores at first so you might not find it at third party dealerships until later on. Also, when other stores do get them in they probably won’t get as many as high volume stores…It will probably depend on the location of the stores as to what their actual volume might be, obviously a store located in a busy sector might be high volume…So for everyone seeking this phone, you might want to keep this in mind. I’m not in a real big hurry to get mine so no big deal for me…Good Luck!

  14. Erinn

    I have been waiting for this phone for about a month and a half and its 2am on feb. 24 and STILL no word on the metro site im wondering whats happing! If ur in a hurry to get the phone id be calling ur stores around 11am to check!! I HATE how they never give you any info I didnt even know the finesse was dicontinued sence January 1st!! If anyone knows ANYTHING about the new release date let me know!!!

  15. Bill

    It is crazy how it’s so hard to find info on this phone or even new info. I’ll be getting this phone as soon as it comes out…. When ever that will be…

  16. Luz

    They have it online now but still can’t purchase it. When does it come to the store to purchase. Currently living in Flordia, can’t wait to get the phone!!!

  17. Ren

    I live in Georgia and I have talked with two different store operators and they both told me that they should be released hear around Feb 26th or Feb 27th

  18. Mickiee

    Does anyone know when it’ll be out in Vegas?

  19. Miami Florida


    now the guy at the metropcs corporate store says they ordered the phone yesterday, but should get there on FRIDAY.

    metro pcs is acting like they are releasing a new type of nuclear warhead… not a god dam phone.

    im pissed off at the way metro handles all this bullshit.

  20. Miami Florida

    On the metro pcs site they have Accessories for the caliber already for sale.

    They also released A “March Mania” Rebates where they have the caliber for a 50$ Visa Rebate.

    Funny thing is in the Terms of the Rebate it says that it Starts Feb 24 to April 12.
    Well today is Feb 24. and still no dam Caliber to be bought….

  21. Bill

    Just called a local store they said march 1st…and the wait continues

  22. samm

    im a metropcs dealer the phone is to come out on march 1st monday

  23. Miami Florida

    samm what exactly do you mean by “come out”

    what we need the phone in the stores for sale not “we just ordered it” or “its on the way”

  24. Luz

    I contacted a couple of stores in my area and it just seem more and more stores are rude about one guy told me “if it’s not here today then try again tomorrow” in a very rude tone. Excuse me for wanting to know when I can drop like 300 dollars in your store for a phone.

  25. sens2u

    Wow, Metro really dropped the ball on this launch!

  26. SiRen717

    Well it’s up on the web site so were getting closer… $50 rebate it will have. Called some stores, same store nobody knows when its coming out. Lame.

  27. Jones

    I know when it will arrive at the store I’m going to, they recieved an email today from Metro…I don’t know about other stores, but I would think that most if not all stores should be getting it on the same day…Now, for a small fee, I be happy to let ya all know…LOL..Just kidd’in…

  28. SiRen717

    Dude… you take debit? lol

  29. maikel gonzales

    hola alguien sabe que dia sale a la venta este cell

  30. Miami Florida

    the phone is still not on the metropcs site as off tonight.

    only the news about the 50$ rebate and some accessories.

    funny thing is that the rebate deal starts today feb. 24 but no caliber in sight.

    lame… i will try again tomorrow. the quest for the caliber continues.

  31. Jones

    And the answer is…Drum roll please…The day before Saturday…but, you will have to wait for the UPS person to make the delivery to da store…Now for the disclamer: The aforementioned info is not guaranteed and there is no guarantee they will arrive on the mentioned day or that you will get a Caliber on said day…LOL

  32. spree

    samsung caliber is coming out on the 25th.. well atleast thats what a dealer told me on the 22nd.

  33. jean

    wow. metro pcs really should inform their stores faster. some of us are just dying to hear more news about it.

  34. Yolanda

    I live in Louisiana and we are being told the same thing too. Its not here yet but it is on the way. I love the guy who made the comment about the nuclear war head. I know I am bugging out about trying to get this phone. By the time I’d made up my mind to get the Finesse it was GONE
    I am too old for this mess!

  35. Luz

    well I got with someone at metropcs and he told me that it would drop March 6 and the stores would have it by March 10. I feel that this is total crap I never had to wait for a dam phone like this before. They made this phone come out to late. When someone gets the phone in Florida please post online that you got it cause i’m getting sick and tired of wasting my time calling stores, checking the website, and others sites for the drop date. Why can’t they get there stuff right.

  36. MzCokeCola


  37. Jones

    Metro more than likely doesn’t inform their stores on purpose because they want to build up the hype about an anticipated product, which increases sales…There are people that have already paid the full shot for the Caliber more than two weeks ago up front because they want to insure they get the phone and there are others that have paid deposits so they can at least have a shot at getting one. In a way its savvy busniess and in another it makes people mad, but at the end of the day they will sell this phone out in one day…If you don’t get your hands on it the day it arrives you probably be hard pressed to find one the day after…You’ll have to wait for more to be shipped to the store(s)…

  38. jean

    do authorized dealer stores accept deposits and payments beforehand too? or just the corporate dealer places?

  39. esther

    it says they’ll give a 50$ visa card for purchasing samsung caliber but they dont even have it on sale yet..
    i’ve been hearing february 22nd and waited a month for this phone to come out. verizon has really nice phones and all but the phones and plans are pricey and id been wanting to switch to metro as soon as the caliber came out. its really irritating, checking the metro pcs site or calling a store everyday asking if they know when it’ll finally be available……..

  40. Jones

    The store owner I know is a third party dealer, they have accepted full payment and deposits from several customers…I would go by your local store to find out if they do or not…

  41. Miami Florida

    im in miami florida and going through the same drama…

    i dont think corporate stores take deposists never heard of such a thing. i just hope they arrive this weekend max and i can snatch one up before they sell out.

    if i dont get it by this weekend max im going to be pissed off!

  42. Jones

    Hint…Look for it Friday…Find out what time of day they get their UPS shipments…

  43. Miami Florida

    the phone is now officially on the metropcs site.

    but i think it will faster to buy it in a store, because they might get flooded with orders and fast shipping will actually be slow shipping.

    hopefully i can get it somewhere tomorrow or friday.

  44. Miami Florida

    i have a question for anyone that works for metro or knows about their rebates. in the site for the caliber they say.

    * March Mania Mail-In Offer: -$50.00
    * MetroPCS Mail-In Offer: -$40.00
    * You save: $90.00
    * Total Price After Offer: $159.00

    however i was reading the fineprints for the forms of the rebates and it says “new activations” what if its just a cellphone upgrade which rebate can i get? still both? i am bit confused about that. maybe someone can clear it up.

  45. L.a.

    I Bought the phone online with overnight shipping this morning. .

  46. Steve

    Yes its finally online! Ill have to wait for the weekend to get it but i fear it will be out due to big anticipation for this phone 🙁

  47. MzCokeCola

    Anybody got any clue if it’s in the stores yet here in Sunny Florida! lol anyway I don’t have the time to call the stores. I broke my phone and need to get a new one fast only getting the caliber

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  50. bill

    its on the website but its only available in stores..gota wait till its in stores..damn