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9 responses to “Deutsche Telekom Ownership of T-Mobile USA Under Investigation”

  1. Phoneslinger

    I wonder if a merger…?

  2. JJ

    What do you mean a merger? They are already together.

  3. Christopher Price

    I think Phoneslinger may be referring to the potential merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. That could easily cut DT’s equity stake to 20%, in-line with federal mandate.

    However, I think in the short run, DT will dispute the matter, and ultimately spin off stake in the company. I suspect they will try to do so, by setting up a non-controlling subsidiary, which would hold the excess stake.

  4. bottomline

    In light of the circumstances, what are the probabilities of DT purchasing Sprint now ?? Personally, I never thought it would be allowed by the antitrust regulators anyway.

  5. Brandon Smith

    DT Could not purchase Sprint, that would increase their 30%. They could merge, which would value Sprint at more than 50% of T-Mobile lowering DT’s ownership by more than 50%. However this is unlikely, this would put them over spectrum caps and Sprint is fully familiar with how mergers can go wrong.

    Most importantly. How does this make any sense at all. Vodaphone owns 45% of Verizon Wireless last I checked. That is more than 20% and they are foreign???

  6. Lisa Stanley

    A Sprint/T-Mobile merger doesn’t make sense either….Why would a company that utilizes CDMA & iDen technology (Sprint) merge with a company that runs on GSM (T-Mobile)?!!

  7. bottomline

    Well said Lisa, it wouldn’t make any sense at all. By all intents and purposes it looks as though Sprint is going to go it alone. Unless Google or Comcast(both american companies) steps up with a bid………..

  8. Brandon Smith

    I wouldn’t be surprised for the latter to do so once Clearwire is up and running successfully.