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4 responses to “Did Froyo Kill the CDMA Nexus One Star?”

  1. Mike G

    10 Years from now I think Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and others will be following Google’s Lead. Do we really think that Cell phone service as we know it will remain the same?(3G, 4G) I remember PCS 10 years ago. Look how far we have come. That is why Google’s “openness” will continue to push them to the head of the pack. Sprint and Verizon’s lack of having a device with an open platform will only, in time, prevent them from growing.

  2. Feech

    This sounds very realistic, CDMA carriers historically are very protective of the garden. CDMA carriers are ridiculous though you could charge a premium for a unlocked phone to be activated on the network. , as a example if a standard Sprint Everything Plan is $99 dollars, charge $125.00 for a unlocked phone plan to take into consideration any enhancements that a unlocked phone could have, such as hot spot access. It really makes me wonder what people are doing when they tether laptops to phones. I occasionaly do it but mostly I’m streaming music which isn’t in most cases using a bunch of data.

  3. Tony

    On a somewhat related note, does anyone know what’s next for the Sprint Relay Data-only plan and phone prices? The Sprint Relay Store documents say all current offers expire on 6/5/2010.

  4. F1

    @ Tony

    “all current offers expire on 6/5/2010”

    They will introduce new 4 G plans, most likely less discounts on the features.

    I am seriously considering the Nexus one with T.Mobile, as a secondary service provider, now that GOOGLE will provide it with “FROYO”, there is no more attractive buy on ANDROID for me, I wish it had a keyboard.

    SPRINT to me, at best is only good for DATA, I don’t get at least 30% of my text messages, unless they are initiated by SPRINT tech support, also someone could be standing next to me, calling me on a SPRINT phone, if it does appear at all, it takes six seconds for it to show up on my phone as an incoming call, the best part is when it beeps to tell me that they left a voice mail, some SIX and a half hours later !!
    Outgoing calls can take from five seconds to twenty five seconds to actually connect, that is if it does connect.
    So much for the “NOW” network. By the way this has been taking place for over a decade now, the locations are STUDIO CITY & SHERMAN OAKS, some of the trendiest cities in Los Angeles county!

    Thank You