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8 responses to “Dishonor: HTC Nixes Android 4.0 for Tablets, Sony Nixes ICS for Xperia Play”

  1. Carlos

    I’m all for holding these guys accountable but the best way to get their attention is with the wallet. If people stop supporting these guys with their money and buying, what will pretty much be obsolete software from day one, then they may take up notice. Google has almost no incentive to get involved other than occasional lip service. The manufacturers aren’t exactly thrilled at being also rans thanks to the avalanche of Android devices and I’m sure they try to maximize their profits by reducing their support for previous devices.

    In the end, these companies need to go back to old fashioned business sense: give what the customers want and take care of the customers and they will keep buying from you.

    Not saying Apple is perfect but on this one they do it right and that is why they have a very loyal customer base.

  2. Brandon

    This wouldn’t be that big if a deal if we had an easier way to perform s-unlock and root on honeycomb devices so we can put 4.0 on these devices ourselves.

  3. Marc

    As an Xperia Play user I can see why Sony are not releasing ICS on it. The device, much like Nokias N-Gage, was a failed experiment. I’ve been toying around with a few ICS roms from XDA-Developers and the bugs are quite annoying and pretty much the same across all roms. When they first started rolling out the roms it was things like “deep-sleep” and data that were the chief concerns. Both have been sorted now pretty much.


    The 1 thing, the main thing, the BIG thing, that has ALWAYS been an issue is the gamepad. Some games will default to only touch controls, some reboot the device and some just force close. Some people who maybe dont own a Play will probably think its not that big a deal. It is. I got the Play as a gaming device and phone second and for an update to remove some “Xperia Play Optimized” games (which lets face it, if these bugs arent sorted and it is released, they are removing them) is a slap in the face of the user-base.

    Alas, I see the beta for what it was. A test. A “test what functions are working and which arent”. The sheer amount of bugs with regards to the gamepad would mean Sony spending a lot of money to fix issues for a niche device. In the end, its not worth Sony spending the money fixing the many issues here.

    Stick to Gingerbread Play users. Youre gonna have a smoother experience 🙂

  4. Daniel

    it really saddens me that the flyer won’t be getting ICS. its a great tab with lots of potential. I would be happy if HTC were to atleast release the source codes for developing a proper kernel that is compatible with android 4.0.x

  5. Tom S

    So Sony is offering a refund/swapout for anyone that bought an Xperia Play after they promised/announced ICS in the first place for the device?

    Oh wait, it’s Sony, that’s never going to happen.

  6. Richard Walton

    For those Xperia Play users our there, make sure Sony knows you won’t forget this and won’t just be walked over.
    Join the boycott. #SONYmakeforget

  7. Marc

    Boycotting Sony will have as much impact as spitting in the ocean, Richard.

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