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24 responses to “Dishonor: Motorola Drops Promised ICS Updates from Atrix 4G, Photon 4G and Electrify”

  1. CONFIRMED: Atrix MB860 (USA) will be getting ICS in Q3 2012 [UPDATED: Cancelled] - Page 72

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  2. Atrix Owner

    Many people bought Atrix 4G on February for their promise on update ICS in the future.
    But Motorola just using this promise to sell all the Atrix stocks on hand.
    After selling all the stock for the first time and find cannot lying anymore.
    Motorola just update its schedule silently, saying remain on gingerbread for better experience.
    They also provide $100 for trade in, so that you can buy Motorola new smartphone,
    which they gain money for another time.
    What we can do is just sell my Atrix for more than $100 now and buy a Samsung
    Galaxy S3 with promising never buy Motorola product for their dishonest.
    No support, lying company, ignore all voice in their forum, facebook, twitter, google+,

  3. Jim Ruddell

    This is very disappointing. I was waiting for ICS before deciding on jumping to Apple. The way Google is running their business is not attractive for me as a consumer so I’m leaving Android as well. An open platform is attractive only when supported.

  4. Walker

    Motorola have -1 customer now

  5. Robert

    Unbelievable! Should I root my phone now in order to get an ICS/Jelly bean update?

  6. jafcapo

    I made months ago a request to make motorola realise our Atrix’s ICS update, feel freely to sign and get our update!

  7. Dude

    Motorola really dropped the ball on this one. I can’t even begin to describe how infuriated I am. If a Google owned company can’t live up to the Google I/O agreement after committing to it, then what does that say for the future of Google’s Android platform? It wasn’t bad enough that we had to wait for 4 months after ICS was released just for them to commit to the update for Q3. And it wasn’t bad that they strung us along until a week before Q3 was over, consistently telling us that the update was still going to be released. The lousy part was when Punit Soni said the whole process was going to be more transparent, then they put the updates page into full information blackout for a week. THEN they silently cancelled the update late last night hoping we wouldn’t notice.

  8. Wayne

    They should at least unlock the boot loader and release any source code for the hardware so an open source community can take over for all these devices.

  9. Let Down

    Motorola is dishonorable, disgraceful, ignominious, inglorious, opprobrious, shameful,
    debasing, degrading, shabby, unprincipled. No more Motorola phones for me, EVER!

  10. ...

    Never ever ever ever ever going to get another Motorola phone or suggest it to any of my friends.

  11. Frank McGee

    I have Atrix 4G and when my contract is up, I am moving to apple. Will never buy a Motorola phone again.

  12. PistolaoBR

    Lets not give up without a fight:

    Sign the petiton to google release the update.

    Another one so nvidia release the drivers so CyanogenMOD team can make a better firmware:

    And leave you complains on motorola forum:

  13. Ramon

    What’s up, you Motorola liars??
    Don’t you think this is fraudulent to promise and then quietly TURN YOUR PROMISE INTO ONE BIG LIE TO MAKE FOOLS OF THOUSANDS PEOPLES??

  14. Hydride

    This review seems a bit biased. Nevertheless it is disappointing. But I personally think the rebate option is great. Why? Because the atrix can be sold for at least $100 so that’s about 200 dollars back to start a new contract

  15. neeraj

    Motorola sucks.
    Chat with Motorola …. 🙁

    Zylly (Listening)
    Zylly: Hi, my name is Zylly. How may I help you?
    neeraj kumar: I heard Atrix 4g is not getting ICS update is that true
    Zylly: I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Please know that I will do my best to help you with your concern.
    Zylly: Can I please have the imei number?
    neeraj kumar ############
    Zylly: One moment please.
    Zylly: Thank you for holding, my apologies for the delay.
    neeraj kumar: No probe
    Zylly: There is a user trial ICS update that is currently on going for the Atrix 2. The Atrix 4g will remain on Android 2.3. For more information, please visit
    Zylly: Would there be anything else?
    neeraj kumar: Can I know the reason behind that ?
    Zylly: I apologize. We don’t have a specific reason for that. You may check our forum for comments and suggestions of customers.
    neeraj kumar: I heard Google is giving 100$ credit to the users who are not greeting
    Zylly: What do you mean by that?
    neeraj kumar: Getting jelly bean
    Zylly: I really apologize. Motorola doesn’t have any information about that. You may contact Google for the right information.
    neeraj kumar: Google giving 100$ credit to the customer who are not getting jelly bean by year end is that true ?
    Zylly: really apologize. Motorola doesn’t have any information about that.
    neeraj kumar: Google and Motorola is the one entity now right ?
    Zylly: For more information, please visit
    Zylly: Would there be anything else?
    neeraj kumar: Thanks, my feedback is this was my last phone from Motorola … frustrated Motorola customer 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙁
    Zylly: I really apologize, Neeraj.
    Zylly: If you need any more information get in touch. Thanks from Motorola, bye!

  16. rodrigues

    It is clear, not Motorola’s future Win8 or Apple for me, Pedro (France)

  17. DP

    I’m kinda thankful for this actually. It saves me the trouble of having to consider Motorola the next time I’m set to get a new device. Seriously, Motorola is going to catch some flak for this and rightfully so. Shame on Motorola!

  18. rodrigues

    This does not change my opinion, on the contrary.

    Motorola=Google, ANdroid out!! Welcome to Windows phone 8 and Apple IOS.

  19. JWL

    Motorola sucks and I will never buy any product for myself my family or recomend any of their products to the large corperation I work for!

  20. Vladimir Costa

    This Motorola behaved like an irresponsible marginal. I, like thousands of other consumers around the world, bought the Atrix by posting this irresponsible company, which she said, would give a more recent update of Android.
    Here in Brazil, we are all disgusted with this company picks damned. I no longer think of buying any product that most remember the brand Google or Motorola. I think I really buy an Iphone 5 that comes from a company that has leaders who are men of character and not kids without word.

    Português Brasileiro.
    Essa Motorola se comportou com um marginal irresponsável. Eu, assim como milhares de outros consumidores mundo a fora, comprei o Atrix pelo anúncio dessa empresa irresponsável, que segundo ela, daríamos uma atualização mais recente do Android.
    Aqui no Brasil, todos nós estamos revoltados com essa empresa de picaretas malditos. Eu já não penso em comprar mais nenhum produto que lembre a marca Google ou Motorola. Acho que realmente comprarei um Iphone 5 que vem de uma empresa que tem dirigentes que são homens de caráter e não moleques sem palavra.

  21. Veronica

    Hate u Motorola!!

  22. Julian Fernandes

    Join the campaign guys! Let’s grab Motorola’s attention on social networks and blogs!

  23. Dan

    I will have to agree with DP. I was really planning on keeping our Motorola Photons for at least 2 years and bought (4) Motorola Photons with the anticipation of getting ICS. There was roadmap for it! I understand no one promised… But ICS was already rolling out 10/19/11. I purchased these (4) phones on 12/16/11 with HIGH expectations to receive an update that was ALREADY OUT! A dual core phone, Tegra2 that was running ICS in other devices? Why in the world would ICS not be available!!! Google bought Motorola for goodness sakes!!! Makes ZERO sense to me. If you want users to continue using devices you MUST provide reasonable upgrades to your users. I have been pleased with my Motorola Photons, whole family is enjoying them… But as technology advances there should be at least some kind of peace that I can keep a phone longer than 6-8 months without needing to upgrade my hardware to keep up to date with software releases. I will consider my options MUCH more closely next time, but I cannot say I could have any way possible done more homework!-(