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4 responses to “Droid Eris MR4 Creates New Bugs, Android 2.2 Still Stuck in Limbo (Updated)”

  1. HeroUser

    Has there been a similar response from Sprint regarding the Hero?

    I have been having the same issues as described above since I upgraded my Hero to 2.1 (well, some of the issues – like the lagging dialer pad – were present before the upgrade). There are multiple instances a day where I want to throw this thing across the room. I have literally pressed a contact name from the call history to place a call and sat there and waited over 30 seconds before the phone actually shows the dialing screen.

  2. Ben

    Are you planning to tell us about the rest of these bugs you’ve uncovered, or keep them to yourselves?

  3. Kristin

    I would like to know why i still cant update my contacts to facebook . I have the last update that came out and this issue was suppose to be solved, the only thing verizon has done for me is switch my device out .