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6 responses to “Editorial: HP’s Old webOS Device Support Statement is Stupid, Confusing, Just Not Surprising”

  1. Mark Jones

    Fire Meg Whitman, she is a clueless IDIOT!

  2. Tom S

    I don’t think Meg is the problem really. She could have killed webOS. She didn’t. It’s just not clear if webOS has any loyalty beyond that.

    I think Chris is echoing what HP is suffering from; a lack of global direction. The challenge for Meg will be to craft that in a troubled market, in the wake of multiple incompetent predecessors.

    Chris isn’t optimistic, I’m a.bit more so. But like Chris indicated… This is an HP problem, not a Meg problem.

  3. Jiri

    Why would HP buy an open source project (Qt)? Do they want to make money from providing commercial support for it? I doubt, they just want to use it in their products. Qt was and is going to be transfered to an independent non-profit organization, all HP needs to do is to hire a few developers to work on it, other companies will do the same because there are too many software products depending on it. Buying Qt is a really stupid idea for HP.

  4. Mark Jones

    I agree with your editorial remark & response %100 but they NEED TO FIRE THAT CLUELESS IDIOT CEO Meg ( witless ) Whitman and that board of directors Ray Lane as SOON AS POSSIBLE! Just look at how low HP stocks have fallen thanks to their inept stewardship