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15 responses to “Editorial: T-Mobile Needs to Shape Up on Firmware… or Write Off Tech Savvy (Virgin Mobile, You Too)”

  1. John Dow

    Well said but you need to add Metro PCS to this, since Metro started selling android phones,only ONE phone had an official upgrade the horrible Huawei Asend from android 2.1 to 2.2.
    None of the others have received any upgrades since then and no one seems to say anything about it.

  2. John Brown

    Do you ever research anything? You do know that Sprint/Virgin Mobile updated the S2 and HTC Evo from gingerbread to ICS before they released on Virgin Mobile. In fact, Virgin Mobile customers with the Evo got ICS before the contract customers on Sprint.

  3. Humberto Saabedra

    John, the editorial still stands unless you can provide proof that Virgin Mobile is still actively updating devices after they’ve been released. The issue isn’t about Virgin Mobile releasing new devices with updated versions of Android, the issue is Virgin Mobile refusing to provide updated versions of Android for existing devices.

  4. John Brown

    First, I was pointing out that Phonenews should do some research. Second, in reference to the S2 and The HTC EVO on Virgin Mobile, why should Sprint/ Virgin Mobile update those 2 phone twice. Sprint, Verizon, AT&T do not update there contract phones 2 times. But a prepaid company should. Get real. Straight Talk released the S2 with gingerbread for there customers.

  5. Matt

    T-Mobile was the second carrier by only a few days to release JB for the SIII. Even the middling Samsung Galaxy Exhibit (exhibit II 4g) received firmware updates through late summer. And yet HTC’s flagship at T-Mobile, the One S, still sits on ICS. If you’re going to “…give credit…” why don’t you give some to the hardware makers? Clearly when the manufacturer has influence and penetration they can get their devices supported.

    Also, isn’t Virgin a value carrier? What type of support do you expect by aligning yourself with one of the lowest cost providers? Make no mistake, Virgin is bad but I do remember getting a Gingerbread update on my old Samsung Intercept and thats on an MVNO at that. Wait, do I see a trend here?

  6. John Brown

    DING. DING. DING. The winner and still undefeated. J.B.Real. You made no point at all in your reply.
    I checked the Sprint newsroom and there was no mention of HTC making a Jelly Bean update for the Evo. HTC does not speak for Sprint/Virgin Mobile. So that is just a rumor or a article filler. Like I said Research before you post.
    BTW. I had the Samsung Intercept on Virgin Mobile when they did the froyo update. It did not go a smooth as they liked judging by there facebook page response. So Sprint may feel OTA are not worth the hassle.

  7. Tom S

    John Brown, you’re not making any sense at all. You’re seriously saying that because you can’t find a press release on Sprint’s site about a topic that it either didn’t happen or wasn’t correct at the time? Please.

    And that “J.B.Real.” makes you sound like a real tool. Which, it sounds like you really are.

  8. John Brown

    @Tom S. If you can read? Sprint owns Virgin Mobile. Sprint’s newsroom has all the official press releases on Sprint phones. So I’m a tool because I choose to believe what Sprint says about there phones updates over Tom, you do know that is not the NY Times. can say whatever they want.

    Tom. Question. Do you know the difference between the NYTimes and

    7,8,9,10. Tom has been knocked out like Manny Pacman.

  9. Tom S

    John, seek help. Professional help.

    Sprint doesn’t issue a press release for every internal decision or action, like contemplating/planning a firmware update. There would be no need for sites like if they did.

    You are the only person on the planet that cares that Sprint didn’t publish a press release on some internal decision making related to one of their prepaid group devices. Sheesh.

  10. John Brown

    @Tom. So I need help because you don’t know the difference between and the NY Times (Facts). Also, What you wrote about Sprint newsroom shows you need to be sitting at the kid’s tablet when adults are talking.

    7, 8, 9, 10. Down goes Tom. Down goes Tom.

  11. Jose Saavedra?


    What can we, as a consumer, do with a situation like this? Who can we contact, or write a letter to?